New Single from Katie Von Schleicher

Haven’t written about Katie Von Schleicher for a bit, so now that she’s announced a new album, seems like the perfect time to enjoy her work. She’s working her vocal magic over a pretty mellow vibe, which has a few occasions to get a little more emphatic with fuzzy noise and a slight bounce. For me, her voice is always the draw; she has this way to alter tones, even from syllable to syllable…and that’s on display here. I like how she takes deeper tones and stretches them into something more euphoric as the notes are drawn out. She’s just announced Shitty Hits for release on July 28th via Ba Da Bing, so stay tuned for more.

Stream the New EP from Bent

I really have fallen in love with Bent, who were introduced to me via my love affair with Emotional Response. They’ve just released a brand new 7″ EP, filled with discordant, wobbly punk rock. While Heidi’s powerful voice will obviously be a draw for many (she masters that old school howling power), I’m entranced by the way the guitar works in their songs. At times the chords sing to just be plucked out of thin air, while other times they carefully walk between the deep tones of the bass and the rhythm of the drums. There’s this care to the craft, allowing the guitar to take some focus, though never steal the limelight that’s really fascinating to me. You should go grab the 7″ right now, right HERE. Check a video of the lead track off the EP after the jump too!

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Video Premiere: Treehouse Drop Hammer on the Door

I love to fawn over Aussie acts, as the world probably knows, and lately, I’ve taken to enjoying the work of Treehouse. The band is letting us share this playful video, which might be the perfect introduction to the group…if you’ve yet to have them cross your radar. Musically, “Hammer on the Door” almost holds onto a dreamy quality, allowing the guitar work to walk the fine line between heavy alternative and jangling pop music. The vocals are a touch more impassioned, always ramshackle, creating a nice dose of tension between the brooding pop sensibility and a near-live quality. You’ll be able to grab a copy of the band’s forthcoming Centre of Their World EP on 12″ vinyl courtesy of Bedroom Suck Records; it’s being released on April 28th, and preorders can be grabbed HERE.

Pleased to Meet You Midnight Sister

Jagjaguwar seems to be making a run at some rad bands this week; they dropped Dasher yesterday and today they bring us Midnight Sister. Both are great, but this tune’s got something extra special, falling into the vein of skewed (perhaps avant) pop music. The percussive element almost makes you ill at ease, working more like an experiment than a precision studio beat. This, however, is what makes it so striking, as the group’s playing with modern structures, throwing in small hints of the past and present to draw in listeners. Their debut album drops later on this year, and should make for some pretty special songs.

Powerful Ballad from Paul Bergmann

I’m a huge fan of Paul Bergmann‘s work, and am excited he’s back so quickly with another collection of songs that heads our way in May. He just released this great song and accompanying video,which features a personal portrayal of Paul’s soaring voice and personality. I love how he’s playfully swinging himself about as the track’s accompanying strings play through the background. Somehow I feel like there are never enough artists crafting this sort of eloquent pop, but oh how I wish they were. Look for his new album, Nothing at All, on May 5th.

Elf Power Takes Me Back

Way back in the day, and by that I mean about 15 years ago, I always had Elf Power in my listening rotation. Somehow, they drifted a bit, or I drifted a bit, but on their new single, it’s really taking me back…might have to crack open my CD storage. While the track opens with this ornate bit of piano, vocals join in to carry the beauty. Suddenly, you’re halted, distortion rings atop the piano and the song grows fuzzy, matching the track’s video portrayal. And then, done. Quick substance, quick hit, then back to the next track. This is how I fell in love with the band, and I’m ready to do so all over again. Their new album, Twitching in Time will be released on May 12th via Orange Twin.

New Video and Song from Cold Beat

I’m a big Hannah Lew fan, and I’ve been following her work in Cold Beat pretty closely. So, here we are today, just a day away from the release of Chaos by Invitation, with a new track, and perhaps one of the most striking on the new LP. This number is predominantly a synth driven track, aided by Lew’s voice. The accompanying video seems to portray an element of isolation, which goes in line with Lew’s notes about the song reflecting upon the period of acceptance during times of change and turmoil. Feel free to enjoy this song as many times as possible, and pick it up tomorrow via Crime on the Moon.

New Video and Song from The New Year

In just a few weeks we can all celebrate the glorious return of The New Year. This brand new track perfectly illustrates what’s made me fawn over the band for quite some time; it begins slowly, almost ominously. However, just beneath the front of the mix is this softer guitar tapestry, building slowly as percussion grows into the track. Vocals won’t even come in until the last minute or so of the tune, but the execution of the song and its accompanying video are sure to grab your attention. There’s such care placed on this song, that’s its no wonder everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of Snow; look for it on April 28th via Undertow Music.

Lovable Pop from Nana Grizol

Those of you that press play on the video below will immediately understand why I’m so in love with the latest from Nana Grizol. Something in the songwriting recalls the purity of our forefathers from 90s college rock, like Malkmus. But, with that in mind, there’s clearly more of a message in the lyrical content, as Theo Hilton finally has found a voice for his storytelling. Heavy-hitters from Athens helped Hilton flesh out the songs you’ll hear on Ursa Minor, such as the beautiful burst of horns in this tune. Look for the release on March 31st via Orange Twin.

Greg Ulhmann Comes to Mohawk with New Video (3/29)

Greg Ulhmann is heading out of his home base of Los Angeles to travel the States and play some shows for you all. He’s fresh off the release of his latest LP, Odd Job, and he’s letting us run this brand new video for you to enjoy. It’s a delicate track, illustrating the careful approach to pop songwriting that Greg’s taken. The notes, both from guitar and voice delicately seep through your speakers, entrancing the listener, much as we expect from his live performance at the Mohawk on Wednesday night. Speaking of that night, he’ll be joined by several of our local favorites, Jacob Metcalf, Daphne and Zula Montez; be sure to come out for a special night of tunes.

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