Brand New Kane Strang Video

Kane Strang‘s debut album for Dead Oceans is really high on my list of things to look forward to this year, and today he’s dropped another video to tease us. This song is a subtle number, built mostly around the building of emotion…and its eventual release. Kane strums the guitar during the verses, then erupts into a shimmering bit of pop for the chorus. Something about the structure here reminds of really early Ben Kweller, just spun slightly in a more modern approach. It’s pop rock for those holding on to being cool…Two Hearts and No Brain will help keep us all cool on June 30th.

Did You Hear Yesterdays Frankie Rose Hit

We’ve long been fans of the various phases of Frankie Rose‘s career, and though we’re late to the game on this one, we can still appreciate great music when its out there. Fans will notice the sci-fi leanings of the video, which is said to be a huge influence on Rose’s new release, Cage Tropical. This song is pushing forward at all times, rhythmically seducing you while Frankie does her best to draw you in with a dreamy vocal smoke. You’ll find this is the perfect blend of pop music and creativity, guaranteeing that her new LP is destined for year end lists; look for the release on August 11 via Slumberland/Grey Market.

New Young Guv Tune

I love how Ben Cook continues to move towards the dancer side of his musical repertoire. While he’s spent a great deal of time with guitar in hand for Fucked Up, his own offerings as Young Guv tend to take on a whole new playful role. The guitars have an underlying shimmer, synths pump through the mix and you’ll find a nice little coat of wash atop the vocals…it all leads to his latest hit that will have you clamoring for more. It also comes with a great little video created by Tristan CM, who has created some audio postcards to go with Guv’s forthcoming releases. Look for the Traumatic 7″ via Slumberland Records this Friday.

New Video from Hollow Everdaze

Going to start off our day with a little love for our Oceanic brethren, kicking things off with this brand new video from Hollow Everdaze. I covered their earlier single, but this newest jam has a much more pop-centric vibe to it. The stop-motion vid locks into the band’s psychedelic tendencies, but you can’t deny that the snare snaps and the way the melodies are draped across this song that the band are anything other than a huge pop band in waiting. The group are set to release their new album, Cartoons, on June 23rd via Deaf Ambitions.

Guantanamo Baywatch Aim to Keep Garage Rock Alive

While the spectre of garage rock still looms in the musical air, fewer and fewer acts are sticking to the genre at its purest (or as we ascribed it). Guantanamo Baywatch return with Desert Center, and just a slight hint at the sound they helped to repopularize. But, they’ve added a bit more boogie, a bit more soulfulness, all kicked on by the rolling drum work that opens the tune. There’s little musical stutters and exuberant shouts, and by the time the song hits its midway, you’ll be thinking that the band are perhaps as far removed as they could get themselves. Can’t wait to hear the new record, as these guys always have a secret hit or two saved for your ears until you buy the LP; it hits on August 4th via Suicide Squeeze.

Check Out This New White Reaper Video

For anyone who has yet to check out the new album, The World’s Best American Band, from rockers White Reaper, I highly suggest you do it now. Get it here now from Polyvinyl Records. With that out of the way, I’m excited today to share the band’s latest video from the title track of their new record. Now you may or may not have already heard this song, but I suggest you also check out this badass new video for the track animated by Simon-Young. It’s sort of a School House Rock vibe if it was drawn by folks with a dirty mind.

Please Listen to Crescent

The instant the somewhat haphazard guitars danced their way into my speakers I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop playing this new Crescent tune on my stereo. Even as the song seemingly plods along, there’s a fragility in the delivery from Matt Jones’ vocals; it sounds like he recorded these and sent them via video clips on his phone. I mean that in the best of ways, as it encourages the listener to find the track more personal. Whether you’re into bedroom recordings, slacker pop or even the dreaded dole wave, you’re going to fall head over heels for this track. Look for Resin Pockets to appear in stores on May 26th via Geographic Music.

New Finnmark Music and Video

Usually I hound the Finnmark! soundcloud page waiting for new music, and while I was trolling the Internet, I saw that the band have a new song on the Secret Garden Comp for Fallen Love Records. The group have been fairly quiet since their Things Always ChangeLP (sadly Sold Out), but hopefully this points at a new release. This song has some deeper tones, especially in the way the bass lines are working; it works in contrast to the slight shuffling jangle that’s working beneath the mix. I really like the drum roll emphasis too, hitting the right notes at the perfect time. The compilation is available now, and hopefully we hear more from the group soon!

The Districts Announce Album, Share New Music Video

Philly band The Districts shared this single a few months back, but this time around, they’ve got not only the news of their upcoming album, Popular Manipulations,and this spooky new music video to accompany the track. “Ordinary Day” was a great track to begin with, balancing an acoustic, folksy sound with harder alt rock, but now we’ve got a cult-ish music video to watch. It features lots of plain masks and banality– I suggest you take a few minutes and watch it below, and then try to forget about your own “Ordinary Day.”

Popular Manipulationswill be out August 11thvia Fat Possum Records.



New Single from Katie Von Schleicher

Haven’t written about Katie Von Schleicher for a bit, so now that she’s announced a new album, seems like the perfect time to enjoy her work. She’s working her vocal magic over a pretty mellow vibe, which has a few occasions to get a little more emphatic with fuzzy noise and a slight bounce. For me, her voice is always the draw; she has this way to alter tones, even from syllable to syllable…and that’s on display here. I like how she takes deeper tones and stretches them into something more euphoric as the notes are drawn out. She’s just announced Shitty Hits for release on July 28th via Ba Da Bing, so stay tuned for more.

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