New Video from Romantic States

One of my favorite releases this year is Corduroy in Italy, the debut LP from Romantic States. The duo magically created this blend of dreamy indiepop, all the while holding onto a cool little edge. Today we’re bringing you a brand new video from standout track “Young Love.” The video takes a bunch of still images, lets them fade in and out of your vision. The song, however, is a gem. It takes on this slow croon, and you’re listening, thinking “this is pleasant.” Then the distortion rolls out like a wave receding from the shore, unleashing my favorite chorus piece on the record. The LP is available now from Gentle Reminder.

New Music From Winter and Trabants

We’re already converts of Winter, though it never hurts to have another gem of a tune thrown our way. This number has LA act Trabants working with Ms. Samira Winter, and together, they’ve crafted an indiepop tune that’ll bounce around your head for the day. I’m in love with how Samira’s voice is sitting back in the mix; it’s clearly the focus, but at times it gets wound up with everything else, creating that dreamy black hole I’ll gladly sink into. For now, just a one-off single, but what a great number nonetheless.

Brand New Birds of Night

The last we heard from Denton’s Birds of Night was back in 2015 when the group released their self-titled album; we actually wrote about it quite a lot. Just the other day they dropped us a line to let us know they’d recorded a brand new jam, with an accompanying video. On this number you’ll hear some of the group’s psychedelic influences, but you might also note that they’ve taken up a heavier tone…like a world where Black Rebel Motorcycle Club crashes over at the house of Queens of the Stone Age. The video takes the live performance and combines it with some of those tripped out touches apparent in their tunes. As of now, this is just a one-off number…but let’s hope this means more jams.

Slow Synth Vibes from Tiger Cub

Back in 2016 Tiger Cub quietly dropped a collection of synth tunes via Bandcamp, and all we knew then was that it was the project of Bradford Gibson, one time (and possibly future) member of local act Dangeresque. Good news is that he’s quietly wrapped up another collection of songs, and now you can delight in both the song, and the playfully nostalgic accompanying video. I love the wash of the synths, turning just ever so slight to match the melody created by Gibson’s vocals. Crutch is the title of this new collection of jams, and you can find it real soon from Spooky Syrup…more details to come!

Totally Mild Release New Single

Totally Mild was one of the group’s I listed as an act to keep an eye on during SXSW last year; I caught them a handful of times myself. Recently they’ve signed on with Chapter Music, one of the great homes for Australia artist. All that said, this new song is super impressive, and I’m reveling in the fact that it employs these little guitar stabs that recall early days in the jangle scene; they do move on in a dreamier style, complimented by Elizabeth Mitchell’s sultry delivery. Her sounds likes it’s filled with great songs; it will be released on February 23rd of next year.

Enjoy the Latest from Dream Joints

We’re getting to that point in the year where we’ve got to look back on 2017, and sometimes that means unearthing overlooked hits. One of those was was Dream JointsJust Like Medicine, which luckily was dropped back into my mind via this brand new video from the record. It encapsulates the entirety of the LP: mysterious, dark and captivating. I can hear where fans of heavier psychedelia could get lost in here, but there are these little vocal turns that give out the faintest hint of pop accessibility like the “up in the window” line at 1.12. Feel free to explore more from the band by grabbing their LP from Bleeding Gold Records.

Watch the New Video from Thee Conductor

Jason Butler has been a hard working man; he runs rehearsal spaces, plays drums in Lo Country…and then he has his own work as Thee Conductor. At the moment, he’s prepping for the release of Cotton Toronado…featuring many of our favorite Austinites like A. Sinclar, Jana Horn and some guy named Bonnie Prince Billy (not from Austin). This new single is fairly minimal, working with light guitar strokes, horns and a little bit of keys; the video will have you scrambling to see if your computer is broken; it’s not, just sit back and enjoy the song. Look for the album to hit on October 20th, with a release show planned for Stateside at the Paramount on November 4th.

Another New Ocean Party Video

The perks of running your own site? Putting up things you love, no matter how often you’ve written about them…like our obsession with The Ocean Party. They just released a new video for one of the tracks off their latest LP, Beauty Point. The video stars drummer Lachlan set over a collection of images taken while the band was recently touring Australia to promote the new record. I love how the song picks up near the 2.30 second mark, adding a nice barrage of pop! The new LP is available now from Emotional Response in the US…and Spunk everywhere else!

Kicking It with NE-HI

The Chicago scene is popping off this week; we’ve already tossed out a great new Pool Holograph tune, and now here we are with a rad new NE-HI video. This new song employs the group’s signature twanging guitar vibe, while still bringing in a bouncing stomp that begs you to tap your toes. If any band’s going to bring you an infectious little indie jam, it’ll probably come from these guys. You’ll hear this new song on the band’s new 7″, slated for release on November 3rd via Grand Jury, just as the band venture off on a pretty extensive tour!

Classic Guitar Pop from The Persian Leaps

The Persian Leaps just recently released their Bicycle Face EP, and while I missed tossing them a bone earlier, I’m going to remedy that with this great video. They’re writing a classic guitar pop, with chords ringing as they wrap around one another to create an audible warmth. There’s an earnestness in the vocal delivery that I find quite appealing, almost stretching to the top of their range. The lyrics seem to take on a hint of self-depreciation with lines like “if I was nothing when I was with you,” but the video seems to indicate there’s light at the end of that tunnel…promise for us all. Grab the band’s new EP from Land Ski Records.

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