New Parquet Courts Number

Come into work, and what do I find? A new Parquet Courts, with a slightly new sound…continuing on from their first single. This has a funky groove, including some old school percussive styles most often associated with dancehall. The accompanying video really ups the ante, displaying a band that seem to be having a great time out there. It’s probably going to throw folks for a huge loop once they hear it, but I completely respect that…no one wants to hear you make the same album again and again (ask the Strokes). You can grab the band’s new album, Wide Awake!, on May 18th via Rough Trade Records.

Michael Rault Returns with New Album

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Michael Rault, but it’s good to see him back with new music, especially considering it’s a new LP! The first single has Rault throwing out these crazy guitar lines, seemingly walking up a musical staircase, right before he settles back into the natural groove of the track. I love how his voice seems to contrast the heavy stomp crafted by his guitar work; he reaches some notes that I’m pretty sure most of us couldn’t hit. Those out there looking for virtuosos surely will remark at some of Rault’s soloing in this tune, as one should. Look for the new LP, It’s a New Day Tonight, to drop on May 18th via Wick/Daptone. He’ll also be in town for that whole SXSW thing, if you’re around.

Premiere: Good Field Release Necessary Feeling Video

Last month, Austin’s Good Field released their third LP, Surface Tension, and we’re stoked to bring you the band’s brand new video for “Necessary Feeling.” Riffs ring out immediately, waiting for the drums to pound their way into the picture, as they do in this video. Singer Paul Price soon enters the picture, walking a line between croon and warble; he manages to pull in the reigns, stretching himself into the higher notes. The keyboard notes throughout provide some nice balance, polishing the rough edges ever so slightly to keep a certain pop sensibility. But, the song seems to come to a brief end just over 2.5 minutes, but give it a second, as the band comes back forcibly to leave their mark with one final punching run to the close. If you love the song like we do, grab the LP HERE…and if you’re in Austin, you can catch them at the following shows:

March 11 @ Hotel Vegas (2:15), March 11 @ Spiderhouse (6:40), March 13 @ 720 Club (11:00), March 15 @ Radio Milk Studios (2:40), and March 17th @ Radio Coffee + Beer (9:00)




SXSW Interview: Didi

We’re actually going to start SXSW’ing this week, but we’ve still got a few interviews to roll out for you before we get going. Below we’ve got some answers from Ohio’s Didi who are likely to be bringing brand new tunes into town. They’ve got the following sets confirmed: BD Rileys (3/15), Escapes Day Party (3/15) and Peelander Fest (3/16). You can also catch a video of the band’s track “Stampede” after the jump. Plus, if you haven’t heard about them, check out their recently reissued self-titled LP on Damnably.

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Wellness Release New Video

Wellness are one of the newest acts to sign up with Forged Artifacts, and they just recently released a new video from their Mall Goth EP. Musically, the song has an almost bedroom pop vibe, though the production is well above that; it just has this personable quality that connects you to the song from the get-go. I love the way the vocals change in tone in an instant, all the way down to that deep baritone. Fans of dreamy pop with shimmering guitar lines and natural hooks will surely adore this tune. And, if you’re looking to know what I looked like in 1993, just watch the video real closely…save for the rollerblades. I never rollerbladed. The new EP will be out on cassette on April 6th; you can pre-order it HERE.

New Video from A Place to Bury Strangers

As this new album from A Place to Bury Strangers begins to take shape before the Interwebs, I’m starting to really be drawn into the goings-on. This track opens up with an emphatic drum march and discordant chords swirling about. Vocals enter in a spoken fashion, with a more prominent role for Lia Simone quite noticeable. The trio let loose on the noise too, but in a much more controlled fashion than we’ve previously heard from the band; it leaves you to focus on the band’s message in this track: “there’s only one of US.” Pinned definitely feels like its that proverbial onion with layers waiting to be peeled; it drops via Dead Oceans on April 13th. They’ll also be part of this year’s SXSW festival…playing near 100 times.


Brand New RVG Video

We’re just a week and a bit from SXSW, and I’ve had RVG penciled in as one of the acts I absolutely cannot miss this year. I adored the band’s album A Quality of Mercy, and have been anxiously awaiting their arrival in the States. They’ve got hints of Go-Betweens sure, but I hear a slight Byrne affection in the vocal delivery on this track. The drums roll across the track, the guitar notes seem spritely and the lyrical content has a sinister playfulness that you can’t ignore. All of these things make the band something to keep an eye out for, so get hip to them now!

Have a New Nap Eyes Video

Just about a week or so away from the release of the new Nap Eyes album, and they drop another great tune/video. Listening through this track, the structural elements are quite similar to the earlier singles we’ve heard, but I’m stuck on Nigel Chapman’s vocal performance; he stretches in charming fashion to reach high notes, then swings em’ back with a deeper crone. There’s even a nice little guitar jam near the end, but for some reason even that can’t distract me from Nigel’s voice; I keep wanting to call him the male Hope Sandoval…there, I said it. Whatever, I’m Bad Now is out March 9th on Paradise of Bachelors, and it’ll be great.

New Tune from Bill Baird

Nothing makes me happier than the fact that Bill Baird consistently writes beautiful songs, and his latest single is just another in a long line of wondrous tunes. This time, Bill his joined by his friend (and ours) Jana Horn for a duet performance. It’s an airy affair, with the guitar notes almost coming across understated, sliding subconsciously into your mind. Jana’s voice comes in first, and it fits in perfectly with they hazy imagery of the video; she has this way of singing just above a whisper that’s absolutely intoxicating. Bill joins her for the chorus before taking on a short verse of his own…then they return together as the sun finally rises. This song will appear on Bill’s new LP, Gone, which is slated for release Friday, March 2nd.

Here Comes That New Parquet Courts Album

I think I needed a break from Parquet Courts after their first couple of albums; they were everywhere, putting on killer shows and releasing pretty solid tracks. So I took a break, but this great new single definitely has me ready to devote myself to being a Parquet Courts fan. As ever evolving, they still have their distinct sound, though it’s unfolding in different ways, perhaps hard-hitting at moments…this tune in particular seems to have definitive sections…so, diverse, brash and weighed down by hooks…yeah, I’m in. Wide Awake! will be released on May 18th via Rough Trade.

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