Pollen RX Are Back

Sunbelt Emptiness should be required listening for all humans, so get on that HERE. But, more importantly, Pollen Rx are back with new music! The group, as ever, remain undeniably catchy; I love how the surfy guitars work to set the scene for Maud’s vocal performance. Perhaps more important is the message the band is brandishing; the band describe this tune as their response to the ‘pervasive sexualization of women and the elevation of young women.’ It’s one of the things that make Pollen Rx so vital in our musical scene; they can deliver a hook as good as any other, but its important to note that there’s always an underlying message. Austinites will recognize this tune as a standout of the band’s recent live performances, but the rest of you should check out their tour dates as they head out in June on their way up to Chicago and back!

Nervous Twitch Deliver New Video

Seems like just yesterday that Nervous Twitch released their excellent I Won’t Hide LP for Oddbox Records; in fact it was last November. It’s a great listen, and the band have just sent us this video for one of the album’s standout tunes, “Promised Me the World.” This track takes on a bit more of a classic fuzzy punk sound, which builds in hooks while still sounding tough as nails. And, as with all Nervous Twitch songs your toes begin to tap uncontrollably; you might even find yourself bouncing about the room…so be sure your listening area is safe. If you’re digging the Leeds outfit, go check their LP HERE.

Sam Evian Drops Latest Tune

If the sounds we’re hearing are any indication, we’ll end up spinning Sam Evian‘s latest LP quite a bit. He begins this track much like the accompanying video, allowing things to casually just cruise through your speakers. But, most importantly is how carefully he treats each guitar note; he’s got a hold of something that allows him to bend and turn each distorted note however he wishes, giving listeners an almost jammed out journey through time. Soft where it needs to be, forceful when called upon, Sam’s latest has it all. This tune is the title track off his You, Forever album, dropping on June 1st via Saddle Creek Records.

Scientists Are Coming to America

If you’ve followed the history Kim Salmon, you might notice that his legendary band, the Scientists, have never played a proper US tour. The band operated in two different eras, but the current US tour will feature the classic mid-80s line-up that is rumored to have influenced certain acts from that Seattle scene. Why does it matter here in Austin you ask? Well, the hard-working folks at Beerlandhave secured two nights of the band, October 5 and 6th. Maybe this jam will make it into their setlist! I hope so! The rest of the tour will feature on West and East Coast (Portland, LA, Brooklyn, Greenfield), and a Chicago date!

Premiere: New Silver Girl Release Fresh Track

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the claim that New Silver Girl will be releasing some fairly important music; it should say enough that the band’s new song was produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Hinds). Then, you have this artful video shot in 16mm film starring legendary porn star Nina Hartley; the cinematography alone is special. But, ultimately, if the song’s no good, none of it matters…though the song is pretty great in this case. It moves between soft and loud, with the loud moments jetting off like something Thurston Moore would have been part of, except spun through a more modern cool. A start such as this can only mean greatness is to come; keep up to date with Soliti Music as we await news on the band’s debut LP.

Red Red Eyes Release New Single and Video

The more time one spends with Red Red Eyes, the more you’ll find that their music is inescapable. It has this ethereal quality; it’s pop music that allows you to move beyond your immediate listening experience. Laura’s voice has this ghostly beauty to it, and the percussion is precise and light, never once detracting from the natural melody. In the cinematic version of the song, our protagonist seems to be on the search for something, milling about town from shop to shop; that feeling of search seems fitting, as I can’t help but let my mind wander in its own search while this song plays on loops in my ears. The group’s excellent Horology LP will be released on May 18th via the esteemed WIAIWYA.

Michael Rault Drops A New Tune

There’s something in the way Michael Rault is presenting himself during this album cycle; the song’s somehow seem so friendly, somehow connecting with me as if Rault and I were old chums. On this song, there’s a ballad, with hints of a stomp, but the string work really adds that extra something; it’s weird but it takes you from a potluck dinner with friends to a high class soiree where you’re being serenaded by some great undiscovered talent. The accompanying video has a storyline on its own, so enjoy while the song runs in the background. Look for Michael’s new record, A New Day Tonight, which drops next Friday via Wick/Daptone.

Dumb Release Second Single

I’m personally really excited about the forthcoming Dumb LP, and while I loved the first single, this second one is so ridiculously good that I can’t help but play it on repeat. It shuffles in with this almost skittering version of “Birthday,” but then it unfold into this furious beast that won’t let go of you. Lyrics are delivered in a barrage, emphatically reinforced by pounding blasts of percussion and guitars; the vocals then take a sort of art-punk turn, giving into an almost spoken-word manner whilst the tension builds behind. I just want you to groove to this track all day! Look for Seeing Green courtesy of Mint Records on June 22nd.

White Denim Announce New LP

Austin’s White Denim have long been a staple of the local scene, and they look to secure their continued post with the announcement of their new LP, Performance. Locals might have caught a few of these tunes at a recent set, but those outside the city walls might just be getting hip to the Bolan-esque direction of the new tunes. It’s very much a crunchy glam-stomp, with flexed muscles courtesy of squawking horns in the distance. They’re sure to include a steady groove that ebbs and flows on the melody throughout, guaranteeing that hook factor. The new album will be released on August 24th on the band’s new label, City Slang Records.

Bodega Drop a Pop Tune

Up until now, the majority of us have experienced Bodega as an upbeat, art rock act, akin to Parquet Courts. But, this new track is perhaps one of the reason’s so many people have been looking forward to the band’s Endless Scroll LP; it offers that band’s natural arty grit, though the chorus is definitively a pop nod, so much so that some might even dare to call it twee. Still, the band employs a bit of absurdity by comparing the song’s narrators to Jack from Titanic; you can still be clever and fun in rock n’ roll. The record will drop on June 1st via Whats Your Rupture.

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