Wand Release New Video

I continue to be impressed by the shifting sonics of Wand; I thought I had them pegged, but clearly not at all. This new video has some heavy handed indie rock riffs, but the way Cory’s voice is recorded in between those riffs gives off a slight Thom Yorke vibe…and then there’s that restless dream bit that floats in just after the 2 minute mark, punctuated by the ethereal notes seeping through your speakers. It closes with a bit of an emphatic jam (and clown dance), leaving me to remark that the song goes all over the place, only to stay stationery. At this point, its safe to assume that Plum is going to be a real joy to listen to, though exactly what we can expect, only the folks at Drag City (and the band) know…look for it on September 22nd.

Enjoy New TV Sets Music

If you’re spending your day looking for infectious pop music that you won’t be able to turn away from, then look no further than this great TV Sets track. This tune has the exuberance of acts like the Drums, yet you’ll find a soft underbelly of dreamy pop featured too; it’s a textural touch that’s not often employed, but the execution is spot on here. I always appreciate finding uplifting music with hints of contemplation. It’s okay to get carried away with joy while listening to this track, and we expect much more when the band drop their Elsewhere EP this Friday.

Cherry Release New Video

It doesn’t take much more than being signed to Lame-O Records for me to be attached to a band. But, in the case of Cherry and their latest song, they’ve already got me hooked. The video is gritty, moving across various mundane activities (though I’m attached to the backyard soccer scene) and splicing it with members of the band. Also, it has dogs. People love dogs. In the track itself you hear earnest guitar pop, with guitar lines reaching up to the angular heavens as the drums crash down and vocals drawl across the front of the mix. It’s sonically focused, yet relaxed in the delivery…all showing promise of the band’s forthcoming record, Dumbness, out on September 29th.

Caroline Says Drops Video

We’d be remiss if we didn’t support our friends in Caroline Says, especially considering they just dropped this brand new video and single. Plus, this is one of my favorite tracks on 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong; it has this almost dream pop vibe to it with understated jangling guitars, balanced perfectly by the heavy tones of Caroline’s voice. The group is quickly gaining new fans (even P4K got in on the action), so don’t be left out in the cold…get hip to Caroline Says! The record will drop on August 4th via Western Vinyl.

Loving This New Dinner

I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed a live set like the one Dinner put on a few years ago at SXSW; both odd and captivating…and I’ve since sworn allegiance. He just announced the release of his newest album, New Work, accompanied with a brand new video for the album’s first single. I like the light quality to it, drifting little beats while Anders sings atop with his deep tones. It’s high time you indulge yourself in the greatness that is Dinner; the new LP drops on September 8th via Captured Tracks…plus some tour dates throughout October, including an Austin date!

Fresh Video from Michael Beach

Australia’s Michael Beach was living in Oakland for a bit, and he was fortunate to lay down his next record with members of Comets on Fire and Meercaz. Today he’s dropped the animated video for his ode to friendship, and its great in two ways: 1) you get to listen to the really killer song 2) the video rules, making me feel like this sort of animation is under-utilized. This track has a great energy, and reminds me of our local friends A. Sinclair in its straightforward approach to good rock n’ roll. Michael will release Gravity/Repulsion, his next LP, this coming September!

A Brand New Pop Hit from The Ocean Party

It seems like The Ocean Party are a never-ending source of pop hits, though it probably helps having six songwriters in the group. Regardless, the band is back with another gem from their forthcoming Beauty Point LP. I love how it opens with this casual brooding sensation, almost sullen in nature. But, you can’t hold back the band’s natural knack for an emphatic pop chorus, as they display here. Something about this band just makes you feel good about yourself. Look for the new album to hit on August 18th via Spunk and Emotional Response (US).

Watch This Video from Luxembourg Signal

I have been looking for a reason to post Luxembourg Signal‘s “Laura Palmer” again, as I’m pretty sure it’s in my Top 5 tracks of the year…luckily this new video from the band just popped up. Aside from the fact that the song is simply remarkable, the filmed version begs your eyes (and ears). It begins along a long dark road, racing into nowhere as the drums work rhythmically and guitars cascade around. Eventually it moves into a fading mix of band members and nature, capturing the beauty in both the song and the world among us. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the new 7″, I suggest heading over the Shelflife and grab it now before it runs out!

Protomartyr Sign to Domino for New LP

I don’t think there’s a single person that dislikes Protomartyr, and I think this new single is going to continue that run. They’ve announced they’re signing to Domino to release Relatives in Descent, and this video/track is filled with these miniature movements that are sure to captivate. At first, the band sounds like a more brooding National, almost more sinister, then a slight pop interlude with strumming guitar and a blast into the chorus…they go back, but then comes the next movement with the mellow release of the repeated lines “she’s just trying to reach you.” They emphatically bang to a close, go soft, then bang back out only to quietly fade away with a light string. Look for the new album on September 29th.

Check the New Xetas Video

In what’s been a pretty productive year for Austin music, Xetas‘ recently released The Tower LP has risen near the top of those releases. They just released a pretty Austin-centric video for the album’s title track, and it’s worthy of your time this morning. I love the fact that the band are giving love to all their friends and supporters, while doing it with one of the album’s standout tracks. This is exactly what a rock n’ roll band should sound like, so enjoy the video and grab the LP from 12XU if you know what’s good for you.

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