Check Out the Shivery Shakes Album Teaser

Shivery ShakesWhat’s the point in running your own site if you can’t promote the bands you’re working with? As you surely know, we’re really stoked to be working with Punctum Records to release the Shivery Shakes LP next week.  It’s titled Three Waves and a Shake, and it shows their refined pop sound finally ready for mass consumption.  The dudes in the band have been kind enough to share this little teaser album video, featuring snippets of the tracks and hotshot photographer, Pooneh Ghana. You can order your LP HERE, and check out releases from Ramesh, Young Girls, Literature and Grape St while you’re at it.


Algernon Doll Release Video for Sweet Nothing

algeaI needed something with a hook and a bit of guitars to continue my brain’s decline into productivity.  I wanted to post the new Low Culture tune, but I’ve been Soundcloud cock-blocked, so this track from Algernon Doll will do, especially since there’s a video treatment to go with it.  The guitars have this nostalgic 90s quality to it (also in the scream vocal moment), but they coat everything else in this sensation of floating; not quite sure how you go from beautiful loftiness to screaming, but that’s just me. Check out the video for the track and hear the song below.


Download: Algernon Doll – Sweet Nothing [MP3]


Jonny Telafone Readies New Album

the prayerChapter Music always has the pulse on what’s going on over in Australia, and they’ve been working with some great R&B influenced acts, such as Jonny Telafone. This new single from his upcoming LP starts off really slowly, working mostly with his voice and some atmospheric undertones.  But, the beats burst in and the song just takes off into this heavenly swirl of incredible club-friendly pop music.  You can also check out this great video for the tune, which may or may not be NSFW; it’s after the jump, HERE. Look for the new album, Romeo Must Cry in early 2015.

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Show Preview: Dark Blue @ Beerland (10.2)

ceremonyThe town is about to be billowing over with traffic; you know you’re going to be filled with angst, especially if you live near Barton Springs Rd, so why not get that anger out with a really rad rock n’ roll show at Beerland on Thursday.  I’ve covered a lot of the tunes from Dark Blue, who are sort of a lesser-known super group of sorts (Paint it Black, Strand of Oaks, Ceremony); their music is this darkened rock n’ roll that’s had me hooked for weeks.  But, if that’s not enough to get you out, then just look at the incredible line-up featuring great local acts Total Abuse, Video and Xetas; there’s not a better bill in town, I promise.  Check out Pure Reality below, the new LP from Dark Blue.

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A Little Dream with Methyl Ethel

740088_718075458235398_671062281685800029_oAs I’m finally getting back on top of life, I’ve come across this gem from Methyl Ethel that I seem to have glanced over mistakenly, as there’s no other reason for that exclusion on our site.  Recently they gave this tune a live spin via THIS VIDEO, but I’m stuck on the swirling guitar work that casually glides like only the dreamiest pop songs can.  A nice little echo on the vocals smooths things out just a bit, completing my love of the tune. They’re wrapping up the finishing touches on their debut album, so I’ll keep you posted on the Aussie outfit.

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I’m Stuck on School

swedefishschoolSure. I went back to teaching this week, so technically, yes, I’m stuck on school.  But for this purpose, I’m talking about the delightful Swedish quartet, School (not to be confused with the School).  There’s just something super enchanting about the bounce kicked off by the snare work in conjunction with those surf-style guitar licks; or, maybe I’m also stuck on singer Alice’s wonderful voice.  Regardless, this is a band I’m rather excited about at the moment, which probably isn’t that great a feat considering I’m a sucker for a nice melody.  You can also check a cool little performance video the band tossed out for this single HERE.

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New Music from Connections

Sixes_Promo2I’ve been hooked on the Connections ever since my friend Stephen of Sweet Talk turned me on to their first two LPs.  I snatched them up, and I’ve been thirsting for more, which is lucky as the band are about to release their new record, Into Sixes, next week. The latest track to surface is a perfect piece of power pop, the like I haven’t heard since the last Gentleman Jesse record.  The guitars are crisp, the cymbals shake in all the right places, and the vocals are extremely infectious; I don’t think fans of this genre will find a better LP than what these guys have to offer. They’ve also just put up a video for the single you should watch HERE.  Look for the LP next week via Anyway Records at your local store, or pre-order it HERE.



New Music from WISH

wishOne of the tracks that popped up earlier this week and caught my ear was this little number by WISH, primarily the project of Kyle Connolly. The rhythm section pushes the song forward, pounding drums on the floor, but it was really the aspect of a warm wash atop it all that grabbed me.  I guess it’s not quite psych rock, but it’s not quite dream pop either; it’s somewhere floating in between. They’ve also got a video for the track below you can check out HERE.  The self-titled album from the project will be released on August 28th via Hand Drawn Dracula.

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Fun Ditty from The Creases

creasesPop fans you’re going to love this song.  It’s the latest single from Brisbane act, The Creases, and it’s a simple bit of fun to help get you through this Hump Day, in case the Netherlands/Aussie game isn’t doing it for you. It sort of reminds me of the early Vaccines, using simplicity to provide infectious hooks that will have you humming along (until you get the hang of the words).  This number will be featured on their Gradient EP; it’s being released by Liberation Music on the 25th of July.  Also, check out their new video to accompany the song HERE.

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Jangling Post Rock from Lower

lowerShifting guitars open up this track with a bit of a jangling ring, before the brooding kicks in from Lower.  That brooding comes in via the dark croon of the vocals, with just a faint hint of a pleasant meldoy hiding at the end of each syllable.  Meanwhile, the guitars are still ringing and the drums are pounding; it creates a pretty striking effect, making all of us at ATH on alert for the release of the band’s debut album, Seek Warmer Climes; it’ll be out on June 17th via Matador.  Here’s a video for the below single: VIDEO.


Download: Lower – Soft Option [MP3]


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