Give Becca Richardson a Chance

Time to turn things in a different direction today, offering up this brand new recent Becca Richardson track. Richardson’s voice is going to steal the show here, smooth at the beginning, then rising to new heights as she pushes the song along. But, what I really look is the understated vibe of the musical composition. Its subtlety allows Becca to punctuate the right notes as the groove settles listeners in their seats. She’ll be self-releasing her new album, We Are Gathered Here, on October 6th.

Dreamy Ethereal Track From Keiandra

keiandra-press-image-2It’s a gray day here in the ATX, which makes me prone to listen to the kind of hazy dream-like tracks that Newcastle artist Keiandra is putting out. This new track, taken from her debut EP Empty Places, which is due out early next year, is a crescendoing sequence of layered vocals and minimalist instrumentation which creates this elegant and mystical sound to “Wanted.” Each sound melts into the next, generating a multi-faceted aspect to the song that reminds me of other alt-folk female artists like Daughter bring to the table. Take a listen below and get a little lost in the song.