New GRMLN is Catchy As Hell

You can say it all you want, but you’ve all been waiting for someone to pull off the Strokes with the same infectious quality the band had…especially in their first two releases. Lucky for you, GRMLN seem to have done it perfectly, and while it might be a touch of a rip-off, I’m still going to blast it super loud. I mean, that swagger in the vocals with those guitar-monies working in the background…don’t tell me you’re not excited by the execution alone! Look for the band to release their latest offering, Discovery EP, this Friday, filled with expected hooks and repeat listens.

Dark Electro Pop from Silent Wave

silentwaveLooking over today’s earlier posts, feel like I went heavy on guitar-pop and the like, so I wanted to spend the afternoon with Silent Wave. The band, in my mind, sounds like a more accessible version of the Knife…at least in regards to the tonal touch on the vocals. However, they differ in that they seem to evolve in a manner that allows them to crest at just the right moments to maximize emotional power for the audience. As of now, this is just a stand alone single, but I’ll keep you posted as more info comes our way.

New Song from Var (formerly War)

This song has been floating all over the Internet this morning as the Danish group formerly known as War changed their name to Var–you might also know about the group already due to their relationship (read: participation) with Iceage.  There’s a really throbbing electronic element to this track, and while I realize that the vocals are not the most pristine, there is some element of this song that keeps me coming back.  I don’t know, there’s some tribal element in the demi-chant, and I just want to play the song loudly here in my little office. Hope you dig it, and who knows, maybe they’ll play the track as a pre-cursor when they come to Austin next month for Chaos in Tejas.


Download: Var – Your Arms [MP3]