ATX News with Linen Closet and Jana Horn

I reckon as an Austin-based site, we’ve got to rep our fabulous locals (but only the fabulous ones). Yesterday a couple of our favorite acts shared some things, and I’d like to share them with you.

Linen Closet dropped the latest single from their forthcoming LP, which will drop this week, with a celebratory show at Central Presbyterian with our friends David Israel and Marmalakes. If you’re looking for well-crafted indie rock, of the orchestrated sort, then this is the place to be.

Also, Jana Horn had a couple of releases, uploading her recent tour tape, as well as adding to a few of the tidbits from her forthcoming Optimism LP. She’s got three tunes up, but this is perhaps my favorite. I love how her voice comes in soft, but there’s a sharp twist when her voice grabs pace (like at the 35 second mark). Can’t wait to hear the entirety of the new LP.

Playful Pop from Varvara

varvaraLooks to be a great year for Finnish music, with the excellent Black Twig album expected soon…and now this great track from Varvara. It opens with that sort of playful indie rock that’s both charming and difficult to pull off successfully. From there the band surges forward into a more straightforward bit of indie rock, sounding like some of the best college rock we haven’t heard yet. They’ll be self-releasing their album, Death Defying Sounds, on their label, Haminian Sounds, which addsto the burgeoning musical scene in the Scandinavian country.