Say Hi To Frass Green

D.C. based musician Joe Antoshak has worked for several years with his project known as Frass Green. Though originally a solo gig, Antoshak put together a 4 piece band under his moniker and has toured a bit around the D.C. area over the last year. Currently on the up and up, the band is also sharing more music online, starting with this sweet new track called “Hair”. It is an inspiring pop song built in the vein of garage rock with tons of energy and fun vibes to boot. If you are feeling this one, the band currently has a new album called For You streaming over on bandcamp. Enjoy!

Cigarette Share Video fro Drips

Next week, Cigarette will release their new album Light Blues, a record filled with these ornate pop touches that walk the fine line between slow-core and bedroom pop; I think in a lot of ways it’s really similar to the Clientele, but stripped bare of the various psych flourishes. The brilliance of this video, for me, is that the tune and video are so closely tied to one another; the filming seems to move in step with the ringing of vocal notes and guitar chords. Then, just as I think I’ve done a great job pigeonholing the sound, I notice this note or that, drifting away, like Sandra Bullock in Gravity; I guess it’s me who’s floating. Beautiful sound to get you through Monday…Light Blues is out next week.

TK Echo Announce New EP

Chris Richards, who sings on this track, played a huge part in my musical collection as far back as 2000, but that’s another band and TK Echo is another entity entirely. That being said, you can’t help but feel a slight tinge of nostalgia when his voice comes through your speakers. This song kicks into gear immediately, stomping in with percussion and a warm wash of keyboards soothing your soul while Richards vocals burst through. You can definitely hear the emphasis on the rhythm section, though Chris never seems to be one to skirt pop nods of late, and my enjoyment is all the better for it. The band’s self-titled EP comes out January 25th.

Dot Dash Quietly Drop New Record

I’ve been following DC’s Dot Dash for some time, so it’s nice to see a new record come our way. It comes at the perfect time too, as Proto Retro is a great summer guitar pop record; it might also be jumping into the realm of my favorite LP from the group. There’s a quick poppy punch with opener “Unfair Weather,” giving listeners a slight Teenage Fanclub vibe, then they go for a cleaner almost Aussie sound on the following “Gray Blue Green.” The back and forth between the power pop and clean jangle of heavier indiepop is where the record succeeds; it’s got enough attitude to keep the cool kids satisfied, but just enough warmth to make pop fans swoon. The album is available from The Beautiful Music as we speak, so stream it for yourself below.

Saturday Night Drop New Single

Saturday Night are starting off the cycle for their new record with this great tune. The DC group has this almost garage vibe, but there’s something from the vocals that’s making me invest deeply in the band. It’s a slight little inflection, like an uplift at the end of the notes, akin to the way Ted Leo operates. But, that vocal ploy isn’t enough, as they bring in a soulful female vocal counterpart to balance things out. It’s catchy and ballsy and really good; the band will be releasing their debut self-titled album via Gentle Reminder Records in August.

SXSW Interviews: Bad Moves

Is everyone else starting to pick up the SXSW fever? This time last week, I really wasn’t, but now I’m beginning to feel that itch, that desire for the week to get here already. Of course it helps that Nate Dawg and myself have the entire week off from work, so yeah… Anyway, I’m carrying the torch of SXSW interviews today with a quick and easy one from Washington D.C. based ATH faves Bad Moves. Strap in and check out the responses after the jump.

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Check the Video Premiere of Light Beams Desiring Creatures

Not too long ago, I was raving about the work of Light Beams, and they’re back with a new hit single to go feature on their split with Ian Svenonious new solo project, Escapism. I love the flash video work done on this new track; it seems to step right in long with the groove-laden track, pulsing as the vocals are released. I’m continuously impressed by the band’s minimalism, working with synth loops, bass and drums; it also encapsulates an evolving sound for those familiar with the band’s hometown of Washington DC (and singer Moyer’s other band, Puff Pieces). The split 7″ with Svenonious will be released on September 22nd via Lovitt Records…you can grab yourself a copy right HERE.

Another Free Dot Dash Jam

ddsWhy not bring you another Dot Dash tune, courtesy of our favorite little DC band.  Why do I love the band so much, you ask? They blend all these elements that have become the core of my listening…fusing power pop, punk, post rock and even some doses of indie pop.  It’s quite a blend, and all those elements actually seem to be crammed tightly into this quick little jam they’ve offered up to their fans.  It’s one of the many special jams you’ll find endearing on their newest effort, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves, which is available now via The Beautiful Music.


Download: Dot Dash – The Winter of Discontent [MP3]

Fresh New Pop from Teen Mom

Man, I was really impressed with the a;bum that came into our inbox today from DC trio, Teen Mom.  They’ve captured an interesting sound, though one that is possibly a bit removed from the city’s hardcore/post punk history.  That’s not to say that those elements aren’t there at all, but instead, they’ve combined them with a slightly drifting guitar and Chris Kelley’s much gentler voice; it definitely has won me over.  You can check out the group’s new album, Mean Tom, on November 27th, which is being put out by the Analog Edition label.


Download:Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out [MP3]

New Music from Deleted Scenes

Probably one of the most interesting things, at least in my historical view of music, is that Deleted Scenes are an indie group from Washington D.C.  According to their bio, they maintain the cities DIY ethics, but apart from that, they share little else with the city.  Their tracks are down-tempo, employing various textures in each song, creating an overwhelmingly clever pop collage.  Their new record, Young People’s Church of the Air, is being released this September, and if this track is any indicator, I anticipate various outlets reporting on this group, continuing their rise to stardom.


Download: Deleted Scenes – Bedbedbedbedbed