New Music from Sea Pinks

Long have we enjoyed the music of Sea Pinks, and after Watercourse was released in early Summer, I thought we were done for the year. But, I’m happy to be wrong after the band announced Minimum Wage – BBC Sessions (& Others). It’s a collection of the band’s 8 BBC Sessions, as well as a few new ones recorded while the band had a day off in Amsterdam. This track has the feeling of the live setting, dropping these dirty guitar licks and gang vocals to the mix; it still manages to carry a hook too! You can get your hands on this album on December 8th!

Never Sleep on Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks are one of my favorite bands that I wish I could get more people into, if only to see their faces light up with joy. They just dropped a single from their next LP, and while it still has remnants of the group’s early work, I think it also shows just how far they’ve pushed themselves with this new release. Machine gun drums and jangling guitar notes, but you almost get the feeling that 60s pop played a part in the construction of everything on Watercourse. It’s good to see progression, as well as slight nods to the bands early hits…look for the LP this Friday via CF Records.

Sea Pinks Announce New Album/Share Track

One of our favorite acts out of Belfast have just announced that they’ve got a new album coming out in May, so naturally we’re here to share the new track. “Into Nowhere” seems to pick up right where Sea Pinks left off withSoft Days, reintroducing you to those tightly wound, sun bleached, guitar riffs, and soft vocals. As the song progresses, it seems like the guitar riffs carry on in an endless loop, but they really pick up to drive things home nearing the end of the song. It’s a perfectly breezy indie rock track, and I suggest you take a listen and then get ready for their new album.

Watercourse will be out May 26th via CF Records.