More Heavy Pop from Waves of Dread

Behind the walls of distorted guitars usually lives a pop band, at least that seems to be the case when we’re talking about Waves of Dread. The band open their latest single building that noise wall, but it quickly recedes in favor of these calmly beautiful vocals; they stay steady and sit in the midst of everything around them. It’s almost like they’re building music in the vein of Teenage Fanclub, only with dreams of being on the heavier side of that musical spectrum; I’m pretty sure I love anything this group comes up with. If you grab it HERE, you get a bonus track, but you’ll have to wait until the 10th of December to hear the band’s new EP.

Fresh Waves of Dread Track

Out of nowhere, Waves of Dread have slowly started making a name for themselves; they even opened for Os Mutantes without even having an LP to their name. On the latest single from the group, I really love the melodic underbelly that works throughout. Sure, the guitars brandish this heavy bravado, but the “oohs” that seemingly run throughout the entire track are sure to keep you in check. Loud, soft, whatever, this is just a great song you can put on repeat for the rest of today…and tomorrow too. Hoping the group continue this rise with a completed LP real soon!

New Music from Waves of Dread

Somewhere out in Newcastle, Waves of Dread is building these magnificent pieces of pop music that I’ve found quite inescapable…particularly this latest single. It’s structured like a classic piece of collage-pop, with the guitars seemingly building tension, then other guitars cascade into the distance while the faintly audible vocals nonchalantly enter the picture. That building sensation doesn’t fade, however, and actually seems to build ominously…though the group never completely give in to your need for an emotional release, instead ambling in a different direction as the song fades into the distance. Truly want some music discovery, then come this way.

New Music from Waves of Dread

We don’t have too much info on the new project, Waves of Dread…we know they’re from Newcastle, and that they enjoy Brian Jonestown, Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr, though not necessarily in that order. We do know that this new single they’ve just dropped is a pretty special number, which hopefully means we’ll have more music tune. There’s an immediate fuzz emanating from your speakers as you press play, spliced with this beautiful harmonic performance on the vocals; they seem wrapped in the warmth of and underlying melody. Little touches of excess noise and vocal accompaniment pop in and out of the track, giving the song a fuller sound. Let’s hope there’s more on the way from this act.