Fun Fest Interviews: Daughn Gibson

It’s Fun Fest time right about now if you weren’t aware, and ATH is kicking things into full force to get you pumped for the festival.   As usual, part of our pre-coverage will be a few interviews of artists that we’re excited to see over the weekend.  Today we’re bringing you our very first one with a feature on up and coming artist Daughn Gibson.  He just put out his surprisingly awesome new album All Hell earlier this year, and we’re really looking forward to seeing him play again.  Follow the jump for questions and answers from Daughn.

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FT5: Road Trip Albums

Well students, it’s nearly finals time for a lot of you and before the prospect of (dare I say it) summer school, many of you have two or so glorious weeks of freedom. It’s time to hit the old dusty trail and have some adventures farting on each other, spilling beer in your friend’s car and of overheating engines in the middle of nowhere. The wildly adventurous times of our youth elude many of us today, but the memories remain; stuck together like the pack of gummi-bears that fell into the dash air vent. Yes, the good old fashioned road trip is about as American as it gets. Piling in a car, carrying more people than available seatbelts and heading towards the border or greener pastures (wherever they might be). Two questions become instantly prevalent: 1.) What should we listen to? and 2.) Where to? (Although the second is MUCH less important) After all, music and the open road are as inseparable as college and binge drinking. Fear not my young compadres, throw the calculus and audio books out the window and crank up the tunes. Here is the FT5 of Road Trip Albums to get you down along the road and back again.

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FT5: Band Logos

0219top5coverIn the history of popular music, there have only been a handful of truly memorable and iconic logos. While searching through all of the logos out there, I decided to try and make the list a little more interesting. So I’ve chosen my favorite band logos from a few different genres and then ranked those. There were great logos out there for crappy bands. There were band logos from my younger days that reminded me a little too much of a Yaga shirt. So follow the jump and you’ll find logos that are as timeless as the bands they represent.

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FT5: Classic Country Albums

0717top5coverFor today’s Top 5, I figured it was about time I give our readers a little Country Music 101. For starters, not an album on this list was recorded after 1975 and I’m not putting in more than one album per artist. I acknowledge that country music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m writing this to potentially open a few eyes (and ears) towards a genre that not everyone quite understands or appreciates. So pop open that bottle of Jack and allow me to educate you on what country music is really all about.

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From The Closet: Waylon Jennings

waylonjenningsI know we hardly (by hardly, I mean never) cover country music here at the ATH. But if you ever feel like giving it a try, Waylon Jennings should be on your short list. The Waylon Jennings legend runs deep. Former bass player for Buddy Holly. Gave up his seat to The Big Bopper the day the music died. Co-founder of the Outlaw Movement. The Balladeer for The Dukes of Hazzard. 1/4 of the supergroup The Highwaymen. So today I present  a song from Waylon’s finest album, the 1973 classic Honky Tonk Heroes. Written by Texas native Billy Joe Shaver, the song “Black Rose” was actually banned by country music stations for it’s references to a black girl. And it doesn’t get more country than my favorite line: “The Devil made me do it the first time, the second time I done it on my own.”


Celebrate July 4th Early

Don’t feel like making the trip down to Selma this Friday, or braving the triple-digit heat? Why not just relax in the air-conditioned comfort of the Drafthouse Downtown and watch your favorite Texan on the big screen while sipping a cold beverage. Alamo offers up the 1979 documentary of the 4th of July Picnic featuring all the usual suspects – Willie and Waylon and the boys. Skip the heat and and check out the Drafthouse website for more information. Showing today (06/30) and tomorrow (07/01) at 10:10 pm.