Luke Temple – Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care

Rating: ★★★½ ·

Known for his vocal and multi-instrument contributions from the band Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple had been a solo artist much before he began his collaborative efforts.  However, it seems to be that the greater likelihood that you have discovered him from the role of lead singer due to that band’s buzz status on the internet. Obviously, solo records like this one warrant more of an individual’s reflection of himself or herself; they have total say in what goes for the final copy of their work. This individual album meets this standard quite nicely—Temple’s sounds are far more reliant on the lyricism and less focused the building up of sound that Here We Go Magic is all about.

Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care begins with “In The Open,” which immerses you in the world of Temple. Sure, there are similarities that overlap from other work. You have the jangly percussion elements like tambourines, but there is a groovier vibe to things. Also, the first track feels significantly shorter than you’d expect. It’s not disappointing, rather, it lets you savor the intimacy that is present. It’s like the third wall between presenter and audience has been cut down and Luke is just giving it to you straight.

Even though this album is intimate, it doesn’t mean that the quality you have come to expect from anything that Temple has touched is diminished in the slightest. On the fourth track, “Weekend Warrior,” this becomes inherently apparent. The longest track on here, at around five minutes and thirty seconds, there are some build-ups in this song during each chorus. Starting soft and slow, with whispers of electric guitar and pitter-pattering drums in the background as Temple’s meek voice waivers above, but only just so. Then, during the chorus, there is a plethora of lush sounds that juxtaposes nicely with the overwhelmingly calm other parts of the song. It’s easily one of the best songs to be found on this album.

For less than forty minutes, Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care stretches out nicely, feeling a lot longer than it is. To me, the lack of a backing band does not diminish this man’s sound or goal in the slightest. Yes, there are a few tracks that come off as subdued, but by no means boring or banal. It’s a complete sounding album, great for those who are already familiar with the pop styling of Temple, or those who are new to such an experience.


Download: Luke Temple – Ophelia [MP3]

New Tunes from Sleep Whale

sleep-whaleNovember is going to be a busty month for our local label Western Vinyl.  They already have plans to release the much anticipated Ola Podrida record on the 3rd, but now we have news that they plan to also release the new album by Denton duo, Sleep Whale.  According to release info, Houseboat is slated to hit our streets on the 10th.  Take a sample.


Download: Sleep Whale – Cotton Curls [MP3]