Wet Tuna Announce Water Weird

I think perhaps it was Built to Spill that really allowed me to like the jam; I’d been pretty averse to the concept since that one guy in the kitchen would play Phish on repeat during my college days. And now, I have a fondness for it, even some Phish moments, but I have my own ideas about it, which is where this Wet Tuna track fits in. There’s this huge expanse in the song’s sound, like we’re exploring something together as we listen; sure, there’s extra noodling in there, but it doesn’t get out of control, nor repetitive. While sparse, the vocals have this rootsy indie rock vibe to them, which could see the band line-up next to various acts on either side of the genre (see my above markers!). For me, rule one in a jam is that it shouldn’t feel like a jam; it should be wrapped up in a tight little 5 minute bow and put to sleep…and that’s done here, so I’m all for it. Looking forward to exploring Water Weird with you all when it drops on October 12th via Three Lobed Recordings.