Indigo Bunting Return with Two New Tracks

Indigo Bunting are the kind of act you’re meant to fall in love with and know very little about. They’re an Austin outfit with some connections to Tiger Waves, but that’s where the story ends…as far as we know. Still, they pop up out of nowhere, toss an album at us, disappear then pop up with a few new gems, like today. While everything’s showed brilliant promise, these two numbers feel like they’ve finally got things clicking on all gears. “White Noise” this bursting pop hit, calling upon forefathers like Unicorns and Animal Collective to craft collage pop pieces on the right side of weird; the chorus for this one is super rewarding. “I Don’t Mind” illustrates the band’s songwriting gifts, offering warmer tones while still orbiting the same pop planet as the A-side here. Never enough words to write about such a talented bunch.

Excellent Reissue from Sister Flo

floridaI was out searching for something supremely beautiful, and luckily our friends at Soliti Music had just the trick up their sleeve, sending me a copy of the latest reissue from Sister Flo.  The band is legendary in their homeland of Finland, with their album Tragicians Hat being spoken of much like the early B&S records…whispered in tiny circles of those in the know.  Sadly, the band are no longer together, but I think you can hear how great the music they crafted truly was, which is why it’s getting the re-issue treatment.  If anything, at least your day will get better with this tune.


Download: Sister Flo – White Noise [MP3]