Show Preview: Whitman @ Mohawk (2/17)

Date Friday, Feb 17th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $6 at the Door

We’ve already talked about some of the great shows this weekend, such as Islands and Los Campesinos, but there’s a solid show going on over at the Mohawk with a bunch of local groups we love. Wiretree is headlining the night, and On After Dark are opening, but you should definitely get there to check out Whitman, as the band will be premiering a lot of their new album on the evening.  The record’s titled Weekends, and it has some gems for you, so be sure to support our local scene and show up for all the acts of the evening.


Download: Whitman – NW Thurman [MP3]


Show Preview: Artist vs. Cancer @ The ND (10/27)

Date 10/27/11
Location The ND
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10 @ AvC Website

On Thursday night at the ND we’re helping sponsor a great show for a great cause to benefit the recently founded Artists Against Cancer foundation in Austin.  The show features local veterans Flametrick Subs headlining with up and comers and ATH homies Whitman and Guns of Navarone also on hand to fill out the bill.  All proceeds from the minimal door charge will be going directly to help those artists in need.  You should also take some time to read up about the foundation on their new website and check out fellow sponsors sites by Powerhouse Animation and Sonora Records.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Whitman have had to cancel the show and a search is out for a replacement.  Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.

Double UPDATE: Austin band So Long, Problems has stepped in to fill the void left by Whitman.  They will go on second after GoN.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

Show Preview: Crooks @ Threadgill’s (10/7)

Date 10/7/11
Location Threadgills
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Here’s a quick friendly reminder about the awesome show we are helping sponsor this evening at Threadgill’s south.  The show features promising local up and comers Crooks, Guns of Navarone, and Whitman.  Don’t forget that things get started fairly early with openers Whitman kicking things off at 9pm.  Also make sure you check out the free 3 song sampler featuring tunes from all performing bands over on our bandcamp page.  See you kids there.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

Free ATH Show Sampler: Threadgill’s (10/7)

Happy Monday kids!  We are pleased to be sharing a free 3 song sampler of music with you today featuring three bands playing together this Friday at Threadgill’s south.  The show and sampler highlight some of Austin’s best up and coming talents with Crooks, Guns of Navarone, and Whitman all on the bill.  You can download the sampler right now for free over on our recently created bandcamp page.  All songs are previously unreleased or appear on upcoming records from each band.  We’ll throw in a little preview of the sampler with new and unreleased track “I Bid You Farewell” from alt-country boys Guns of Navarone.  We’ll also bring you a friendly reminder about this show later in the week, but until then, check out some info. on the Threadgill’s site.  $5 only.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

Show Preview: Quiet Company w/ ATH DJ Set @ The ND (9/30)

Date 9/30/11
Location The ND
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10 via Quiet Company

When one is asked about local music in the indie Austin scene, most people will initially cite Quiet Company as one of the hottest up and comers in town.  The guys have been making a name for themselves for several years now and are continuing to work hard to build their rep.  This Friday, the band has put together one hell of a local lineup at The ND to celebrate the release of their new album We Are All Where We Belong.  QC are of course headlining, but let’s not forget about the stacked undercard of this show with ATH amigos Whitman, Saints of Valory and Black Books all on the bill.  If you were wanting to see the best and brightest this town has to offer, this is the place to do it kids.  Quiet Company have also put together all sorts of crazy ticket packages on their website with a variety of goodies thrown in depending on how much you want to spend

Also of interest to you kids, the ATH crew will be on hand DJing in the recently opened North Door (back bar of ND) between bands and before and after the show.  Come say hello and check out some sweet tunes when you aren’t rocking out.  We’ll be trying out some new KTTD and *$. remixes of course…

This is where you should be Friday night.  Bottom line.


Download: Quiet Company – Fear & Fallacy, Sitting in a Tree [MP3]

Sonora Records Summer Sampler

Not too long ago, some of our amigos in Austin concluded that they were fed up with the current state of the music industry and decided to start a record  label to call their own.  From their collective minds came promising new record label Sonora Records with the plan to “help make music, one record at a time”.  To celebrate their beginnings, the guys at Sonora have put together an 18 song sampler featuring some of their talent along with a few tunes from Austin’s finest up and coming artists.  ATH favorites, The Bubbles, Quiet Company, and Guns of Navarone make an appearance with new faces like The Couch, On After Dark, and The Handshake sharing new music.

Also making an appearance on the sampler are old friends Whitman, who are premiering new song “NW Thurman” from their upcoming 2011 LP Weekends.  If this new summertime jam from the Austin boys doesn’t get you moving, then you must not have a pulse.  Whitman have also made new anthem like tune “Dead Dog Days” available for free download over on their bandcamp page for a limited time.  You can also say hi to Sonora Records on twitter or download their new sampler over on bandcamp.


Download: Whitman – NW Thurman [MP3]

Show Preview: The Walkmen @ Stubbs (3/4)

Date 3/4/11
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets $18 @ Frontgate

A night that many of us have been looking forward to for quite some time has finally come with the Walkmen show at Stubbs on Friday night.  Opening support for the night will be provided by The Head and The Heart and Austin’s very own up and comers TV Torso.  Making the night even more enticing is a set by friends of ATH Whitman on the inside stage immediately after the Walkmen finish up outside.  More good news is that you’ll get in free to the Whitman show with a wristband from the outside show.  Make a night of it people.


Download: The Walkmen – Stranded [MP3]

Whitman @ The ND (9/18)

Date 9/18/10
Location The ND
Doors 9pm
Tickets FREE!!

For those of you looking to make some plans for Saturday night in Austin should head over to The ND for what’s sure to be a great FREE show.  Local boys and friends Whitman are headlining the event along with fellow up and coming local talent Politics and Catahoula.  You’ll also be getting some sweet tunes spun by DJ reyluna (rumored to be members of this very website) between sets and after Whitman until the bar closes down.  Hell if nothing else, the thing is free and aint nothin’ in life for free.


Download: Whitman – The Drifter [MP3]

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