I Missed This Mammoth Penguins Tune

You undoubtedly are aware of my Emma Kupa fandom. It seems like this is her year…she’s already released a great Hayman Kupa Band LP, she’s playing with Suggested Friends and in the last two weeks her band Mammoth Penguins have announced their newest album, John Doe. The angular chords chopping from the get-go kick off this new tune, allowing Kupa to rock a stellar vocal performance as the rest of the group fill the track with percussion. There’s almost a shuffling boogie from the chorus, keeping listeners hooked with that sugary pop vibe. Look for the new album on October 13th via WIAIWYA.

New Music from Famous Problems

As of late, I’ve been really getting stuck into broad sweeping pop ballads, and this new track from Famous Problems is doing just the trick today. There’s a little guitar tinkering in the song’s latter half, but that powerful voice keeps me coming back and back again…it’s akin to some of Richard Hawley‘s work, though imagine it stripped way down. This song will appear on an excellent 7″ from WIAIWYA, which is one of the many reliable boutique labels out there…look for it on April 7th.

Nintendo Pop from Deerful

deerfulI always check in on WIAIWYA, one of my favorite micro-labels overseas. They just put up information on Deerful and the project’s Home EP. For me, it’s great, as the music really sounds exactly like the early Nintendo games, just with the heavenly voice of Emma Witson singing atop. I guess in that, there’s a huge level of familiarity, but also an endearing enchantment that’s let me get sucked in completely. Sometimes, the simplest approach is often the most rewarding, and I feel as if this song proves exactly that!

Freshcard Misses Her Friends

freshcardI think all of us can relate to the sentiment within the new Freshcard track; it’s a feeling for longing to be with your friends. The German songwriter has a bit of an accent (at least to my Americanized ears), but that makes her delivery on this number all the more appealing, providing it with an added layer of longing. Seems like she just wants a little sign from her friends that they love and miss her too, “that’s all.” I don’t think it’s too much to ask, especially if she keeps writing such endearing tracks. Look for her new album Sunday Night on September 30th via WIAIWYA.

Play This Nancy Sin Track Again and Again

nancysinHope you saw what I did there. But, putting that aside, this beautiful track from Nancy Sin is absolutely marvelous. It’s not quite indiepop, but it’s not quite bedroom dreamy either…it lurks somewhere in the middle, somewhere you let yourself go. If you do so, you’ll find that you drift gently into the perfect emotional state, where only great tunes can lead your soul. Not going to lie…I’ve been playing it on repeat all morning long. This tune’s been floating around for a while now, and I think it’s high time you fell in love with it. Grab it from WIAIWYA.

Melancholy Tune from Whoa Melodic

whoaOne of the little labels of the world that I follow closely is WIAIWYA, who don’t release too often, but when they do, they always have their finger on the pulse of great tunes. They’ve just upped this brand new song from Whoa Melodic, reminding me of just how well they are at picking up great acts. This track definitely has a somber feel to it, but in doing that, there’s also a lyrical promise to be true to one’s self. It’s got that same musical sentiment as M. Ward, but for some reason, feels more accessible and sincere. As of now, looks like this will be released as a 7″ come November.

Fashionably Late To The Party: Citizen Helene

266642_10150252568214940_3986796_oI can’t take credit for this find; Nathan really knows how to pick some winners. Citizen Helene is a solo artist with a touring band that encompasses a psych sound with layers of jazz and indie pop. Based out of London, her sound is perfect ambiance for gloomy days like today. This song below is called “Bridges” and it’s taken from her upcoming 7″ release with Wiaiwya. Once you hit play on the song, you’ll immediately notice the same sort of melancholy indie pop that bands like Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian pioneered. But as the song progresses, you start to pick on more of the jazzy elements of the sound. It’s a damn good track, which you should take a listen to and get excited for the release of the 7″ How Can You Find Someone To Love/Bridges which will be out June 7th.

Energetic Hit from Hate Week

hateweekYou’ve got to keep an eye on your favorite small labels, as they don’t always get to play as part of the machine. I was checking in on WIAIWYA, one of my faves, and caught this new Hate Week track, a band formed from the ashes of Faintest Ideas and a few steps removed from Love Is All. It begins with a bit of ramshackle indie rock, though that’s infiltrated by pop sensibility. Still, the band hold onto the little bit of angst indicated in their band name, tossing that in at the end. Looks like its schedule for an April release.

Stuck On This Leaf Library Tune

theleaflifbraryDear music audience, my tastes are all over the place. That being said, this song from The Leaf Library is fantastic. It’s got this drifting indie rock brood to it, floating with instrumentation like some of the old Jade Tree acts used to do. But, in doing that, it’s also set on its edge by this perfect female vocal, creating a beautifully dynamic tune. It’s just one of the tracks that will feature on what I expect is the band’s astonishing Daylight Versions album, which will be released in October by WIAIWYA.  

Stream the Emma Kupa EP

emmaI’ve made it quite known about my adoration for former Standard Fare songwriter, Emma Kupa.  So, as Wiaiwya preps the release of her Home Cinema EP, I want you take a minute to stream in its entirety.  It’s mostly light indie pop fare, built around Kupa’s lyrics and her guitar, though she brought in friends to fill out the sound of the EP itself.  Definitely a nice step into her own limelight, showing Emma as the charming songstress we’ve come to know her as.  This will definitely make your day a bit brighter.

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