Bee Bee Sea Share Day Ripper

I loved the first two Bee Bee Sea singles, so why would I turn my back on the Italian trio for their third one? This one’s got a bit of a sort of prog meets psych, mashed up with a nice bit of garage rock. It’s heavy and outlandish, perhaps that sort of fury and flare you’d expect at an Osees (however you spell it now) show. Perhaps one of my favorite bits is just the slightest hint of a pop nod leaking in sparingly, all before the band just ramps up the energy and rocks the tune out to a close. The band are set to release Day Ripper on October 9th via Wild Honey Records.

New Jam from Bee Bee Sea

Sometimes you just need to let loose on a Friday, and this track from Bee Bee Sea seems like the perfect way for us to look in on the weekend. I couldn’t help but feel the hooks of this song get me right from the start; there’s almost that sort of Nobunny/Hunx vibe working. It’s gritty and garage-y, but it’s not going to shy away from having one hell of a good time with us all. Let your hair down and have a little fun with this Italian outfit. The tune below appears on their new LP, Day Tripper, which drops in October via Wild Honey Records.

Rocking Number From Bee Bee Sea

Looks like we’re off to yet another fun filled week at home with way too much time on our hands to check out a ton of new music. Today I bring you a song called “Daily Jobs” from Italian rock band Bee Bee Sea. It features a sort of scuzzy, fast paced form of post-punk music akin to a guy like Ty Segall, King Tuff or The Oh Sees. Of course if you read this site, you know that means I am very much into this track. Check it out now.

Bee Bee Sea will release new album Day Ripper in October via Wild Honey Records.


ATX Spotlight: TVs Daniel + Annabelle Chairlegs

It’s the time of year when releases come hard and fast, everyone trying to cram music in between their Fall tours and what not; I mean, we have 3 releases on our label in the next two + months, so you know the rest of Austin is busy. Two things I missed while on a brief beach vacay were these new jams from TVs Daniel and Annabelle Chairlegs.

TVs Daniel is the most recent project from all around rock n’ roller Daniel Fried; he’s also the key element in acts like Video and Bad Sports (amongst others). I love this track for its huge buzzsaw guitars disguised beneath a penchant for anthemic arena rock; the subtle backing vocals are a really nice touch. This track appears on a 7″ for Italian label, Wild Honey Records. It pretty much rules.

Annabelle Chairlegs are everyone’s Austin favorites; they’re the band that all the bands love…they even appeared on the Slack Capital Compilation we put together with Eric of Big Bill and First Human Records. This new single has this swagger lurking in the midst of psychedelic waves; I love the tenacity of the vocal performance. This tune should pop up on a sophomore LP any day now.

Radioactivity Have a New Single

It looks like Radioactivity aren’t slowing down, and I’m oh so grateful. Below we’ve got a new single the band recently released, and dammit if its not another winner. The guitars chug as one would expect, but I love their sound, almost working a power-pop vibe. Vocals are pretty near perfect, even when they’re stretched to their limits. It’s a quick little blast, but it might just be one of my favorite songs from the group. The band is about to wrap up their tour, so hopefully you can find these from the group or Wild Honey Records who’ve released this track on a new 7″.