New Music from Gabriel Birnbaum

I’m probably most familiar with Gabriel Birnbaum due to his work in Wilder Maker, who I’ve written about quite a bit. Now, Gabriel is doing a little solo work, and he’s just released a track off his forthcoming LP. Going through this track repeated times, I’m drawn by the contrasting guitars, fighting with one another throughout. One guitar has this almost feathery strum, giving off a light-hearted vibe; the other guitar takes on a more forlorn tone, bending around Birnbaum’s voice at every turn. No word just yet on when the album will be finished, but what a wonderful first entry we have here.

Wilder Maker Release New Video

Brooklyn’s Wilder Maker are prepping Zion, their forthcoming LP for Northern Spy Records, and they’ve just released a new video from the album. There’s a bunch of things to love about the video, not the least of which is the music. The band employ a careful approach, letting the song build upon itself rather than filling in every inch of space with sonic touches; it leaves the song open and welcoming. That’s perfect, as it allows for Katie Von Schleicher to offer up an expected vocal performance, smoky and soulful. The video itself features a party scene played out in reverse, with the world’s tiniest ping son table and a plant spinning records. Look for Zion to drop on July 13th.