New Music From Winter and Trabants

We’re already converts of Winter, though it never hurts to have another gem of a tune thrown our way. This number has LA act Trabants working with Ms. Samira Winter, and together, they’ve crafted an indiepop tune that’ll bounce around your head for the day. I’m in love with how Samira’s voice is sitting back in the mix; it’s clearly the focus, but at times it gets wound up with everything else, creating that dreamy black hole I’ll gladly sink into. For now, just a one-off single, but what a great number nonetheless.

Fresh Winter Tunes For You

winterA few years back, we had highlighted Winter after a great performance during SXSW. Since then, they’ve sporadically tossed out tunes, but this new one hits heavy on the indiepop/dreampop, so of course I’m rather stoked. This one’s all shimmering chords and softened vocals, with some synthesized drum loops running behind. It highlights the fact that the band are one to take note of as they prepare to finish up Ethereality, their newest effort…hoping we’ll hear that one next year. For now, just sit back and let the finer notes of this dreamy hit wash over ya’.

Dreamcoat Give You Glowing Indie Roc

14107860_1313459802061191_411731909503790422_oIf you’re like me, then you’re a sucker for some good old fashion indie rock. Dreamcoat, a four piece out of Melbourne, have got a good dose of that clean sound on their new(ish) track, “Winter,” which you can listen to below. Here in the ATX it may seem like we’re a far cry away from the cooler temps that the aforementioned season entails, you can channel that sort of energy with the track. It’s a mellow track, but by no means is it a sleeper– the song really builds over its course, the vocals becoming more and more forward and commanding in the mix, while there’s definitely some excitingly detailed percussion happening throughout. You’ll find it’s a lush indie rock track that will beg repeated listens. This great track is taken from the bands’ upcoming EP, which is called Sleeping Through Tempests, and is out October 14th



Winter Gives You Hazy Dream Pop

12898413_1072095462853472_9211509512580337055_o-2Winter are a four piece out of L.A. who are making dream pop that’ sounds as though it’s been deeply coated in a thick layer of fog. The song that’s below, “Wherever You Are,” unfolds slowly, with the whirling synths occupying the song for a bit before the vocals join in. When the vocals finally do come in, you begin to be lulled into a sort of hypnotic trance; the elements all combine to create a beast of a song that will ensnare your attention with its out-of-this-world pop.

Show Preview: Wednesday in Austin – Growl, Lunar Gold, Nic Armstrong

austin_mainMidweek Show? Why not. There’ s a bunch on the bill this week…some local, some travelers. Hotel Vegas has Growl and Que Pasa, but I’d also like to point out that Winter is coming in from Cali…and that band was incredible during SXSW (Show starts at 10). Or, you can head on out over to Spiderhouse for a slew of great acts…Sailor Poon, Lunar Gold, Bloody Knives; it’s a night of great local acts that you should already have on your radar (Show starts at 7). Also, those of you looking for something a little different might want to see Nic Armstrong and the Thieves doing their thing at Hole in the Wall (Show starts at (9:30).  I’ll toss out some jams below to give you some insight as to where you might want to go tomorrow night.


Lunar Gold:

Nic Armstrong:

Fresh Track from Winter

WinterI know there’s always tons to filter through when it regards to SXSW, but one of the bands I caught last year that I picked for success in the upcoming year was Winter. And, here they are with a great new single that looks to be part of their follow up to the excellent Supreme Blue Dream. It’s filled with this shimmering guitar that casually drifts through the song, though the guitars crash with a nice fuzzy wave during the chorus, perfectly matching the vocal of Samira. No official word on the single’s release or a new record, but based on the buzz, expect to hear more from the band soon…also catch them touring the states, including an Austin date at Hotel Vegas.

Introducing Triple Hex

Those of you looking for a dark ballroom crooner are really going to have your fancies met when you listen to this track by Triple Hex.  The Brooklyn trio are garnering lots of praise for their brooding post-rock, which sort of sounds like Danzig singing with his favorite bunch of lo-fi friends in the back of some dive bar.  As of now, there’s not a whole lot else to really go on, though the word is that the band is working on an EP to come out in the very near future.  They’ll be playing some CMJ shows, and I have a feeling that they’re going to come out with a whole new set of fans.  See if you’re hip enough to dig.


Download:Triple Hex – Winter [MP3]