Show Preview: Wintersleep @ Red 7 (4.14)


Date Sunday, April 14
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $10 from Red 7

You guessed it folks, it’s rock n’ roll April in Austin, and we’ve got another good show for your weekend adventures.  We’re being invaded by Canadians this time, with Nova Scotia’s Wintersleep making their way to Red 7 on Sunday evening.   They’re touring behind the release of their latest effort, Hello Hum, which we’ve supported since the first singles leaked out.  They carry with them a blend of melody and powerful rock riffs, which leads me to believe the show will be both loud and mesmerizing.  Plus, our boys Grape St. will be opening.  I’ll actually be on hand to sell their records, since we just put it out on vinyl.  You don’t have it? You can grab that HERE. See you Sunday friends.


Download: Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

New B-Side from Wintersleep

Surely you’ve heard about Wintersleep by now, as they’re five albums deep into their career.  Today they put up this great new B-Side to celebrate their tour/invasion of North America throughout November.  This song is rather striking because it begins so heavily, almost bursting my speakers on the first run through (I’m not complaining), but as the song settles, you can see the vocals warm up a bit, calming the mood ever-so-slightly.  Such a strong sound definitely bodes well for all those fans that get to catch them on their upcoming tour.  You should also check out Hello Hum, the group’s latest LP that spawned this B-Side.


Download:Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

Upbeat Jam from Wintersleep

Wintersleep is by no means a new band, having worked hard for the last decade or so perfecting their sound.  But, based on this new track they’ve just released from their upcoming album, Hello Hum, it could be a year where they go big.  This single has sort of a jittery feeling to it, almost as if it’s stuttering at points, but the pulsing rhythm of the backbone really propels the song forward.  Combine that with the relaxed approach of the vocals, and you’ve got yourself a track everyone will enjoy.  The record comes out on June 12th, so be sure to grab it at the local record store.


Download:Wintersleep – Resuscitate [MP3]

Matt Pond PA @ Mohawk (6/21)

Date 6/21/10
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $14 @ Frontgate

An old school favorite of the ATH crew Matt Pond PA are making their way over to the outside stage at Mohawk on Monday evening.  The now veteran act will be joined by Wintersleep and Woolgather.  I haven’t been a huge fan of the band’s latest material, but I’m sure they can still put on a solid show.


Download: Matt Pond PA – Starting [MP3]

New Tunes from Postdata

h1jq_postdata_7Paul Murphy spends the majority of his musical career in Wintersleep, an award winning band from Canada.  But, this time around, he’s decided to work with his brother under the moniker Postdata. Their self-titled release will hit stores on January 26th, and  you will want to give this band a thorough going-over.  This tune, “Tobias Grey” has a deep acoustic tone, but a wintry vocal that one can only associate with a group from the vast wilderness that is Canada.  It’s a short tune, but one rich in emotion, so listen til the end.


Download: Postdata – Tobias Grey [MP3]