Hop Onboard The Disq Hype Train

Madison, WI based band Disq has certainly been receiving a ton of praise around the interwebs for their early singles. And hey crazy thing, we were part of the hype back in March as we interviewed the band during SXSW! All that noise out of the way, I recommend you come aboard the Disq fan train by checking out this banging new single & accompanying video called “Daily Routine”. Though some may call it power pop, which sure, it is as its core, but I also hear some undertones of forward thinking 90s bands like POTUSOA or even Blur. It’s quite rad. They will also be returning again in March for SXSW so you’ll have a chance to see them again.

Disq will release new album Collector on May 6th via Saddle Creek. Pre-orders are live now.


Stream Proud Parents New LP

Drawing nearer to the weekend, we could all use a little jumpstart in our lives, so why not put on the new LP from Proud Parents today. It’s 13 tracks of power-pop goodness, both energetic and catchy, from start to finish. The band trade off lead vocalists between Claire, Heather and Tyler; they also all join in on each other’s song, leaving you with an album’s worth of sing-a-long hits that will keep your thirst satiated. If you love what you hear, check the stream below, then grab the whole self-titled LP from the good people at Dirtnap Records.

Ease Into The Weekend With Dusk

If you’re looking for a relaxing, easy to listen to tune for the weekend, I suggest you check out this new track “Old Magnolia” from Wisconsin based Dusk. The song clearly has some great country themes to it with a sort of meandering guitar, nicely harmonized vocals, and even a fiddle. I’m also enjoying this not too subtle video complete with monster trucks, gambling, and train tracks. This should be a great way to relax yourself into the weekend.

Dusk will release a self-titled LP on June 15th via Don Giovanni Records.

Festival Recap: Eaux Claires

oh clair bannerEau Claire, Wisconsin is a long ways a way from Austin, but not too far away in terms of mindset: here, we call our city the Live Music Capital of the world, and in the Eau Claire is the Music Capital of the North. Nestled in the Chippewa Valley and overlooking the the river, we were treated to three days in the woods with 22,000 of our newly formed friends celebrating music, arts, and the spirit of the river valley. At the center of it all was the man who dreamed up such a festival: Justin Vernon, who, alongside Aaron Dessner, brought all of us together in essentially his backyard to experience something greater.

Read on for our recap of the inaugural Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival and see some pictures from the fest.

**Feature Photo Courtesy of Graham Tolbert

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