New Wolf Girl Tune

This tune hit my news feed courtesy of the hot site Gold Flake Paint and I just couldn’t help but posting it, especially considering it all comes via Odd Box Records. Wolf Girl will be releasing a brand new 7″ on the label this May, and those of you inspired by heavy riffs balanced with pop sensibility will be inclined to press play over and over again. There’s a light twinkle to the guitars in the midst of heavy distortion, all the while carrying a carefree attitude that embeds the song’s hooks deep in the caverns of your mind. Turn it up and have some fun!

Wolf Girl Sign Up with Oddbox Records

wolfgirlWhy not close out the week with a little bit of noisy indiepop? Wolf Girl registered on my radar last year with their Mama’s Boy EP, but it looks like they’re ready to move on with a new album for Oddbox Records. This week they tossed out a brand new track from the forthcoming release, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. I love the sultry sound of the vocals working against those chugging guitar riffs and simple percussive beats. Seems as good a way as any to wrap up a week; I hope this one gives you the feels.