Pleased to Meet You: Frontperson

Let’s get niceties out of the way; pleased to meet you, Frontperson. Wait! This band is Kathryn Calder and Mark Andrew Hamilton from Woodpigeon forging out as a unit? And Stereogum premiered their video over Kanye news!? Honestly, I’m just being a dick, but I really like this track. Even though the band features Kathryn from New Pornos, the tune seems to have this early Broken Social Scene feel…maybe it’s that underlying groove during the verses…regardless, it gives the song that hook. I also think Calder’s voice has this delicate sharpness that contrasts perfectly with Hamilton’s. Together the two will release Frontrunner on Oscar St. Records.

New Stuff from Kingfisher Bluez

I’m the kind of fella that gravitates towards certain labels…so much so that I haunt their soundcloud and bandcamp pages. Today I’m bringing you updates from Kingfisher Bluez, one of Canada’s fine musical establishments. The label has two new releases of note…and I’ve got them both streaming for you below. First, is Woodpigeon, offering up generous folk stylings, though with a slight pop leaning. Then you have Peach Pit, giving off soulful pop vibes, almost like generous crooners aiming to make you happy. Each release hits this Spring (March and April), so why not sample the goods. Be sure to check the label for other gems too!

More New Music From Woodpigeon

Back in December, I shared with you guys a new pop-folk song called “Red Rover, Red Rover” from Woodpigeon that really got me excited for the band’s upcoming album.  Well now the band are giving away this new song “Edinburgh” that’s sort of going in a different direction from what we’ve already heard from the band.  It’s still primarily a folk song at it’s core, but it has more of a full sound than what I’m used to from the band.  Here’s to hoping for more of the same when the band release their new album Thumbtacks + Glue on February 26th.

New Mellow Folk Pop From Woodpigeon

I’ve definitely posted about Woodpigeon in the past, and their brand of mellow type folk rock has always been something I’ve found interesting.  This new track “Red Rover, Red Rover” is no different really.  It’s a pop folk style number similar to something you might hear from Matt Pond PA.  You could call it folk I suppose, but it also has some really great pop elements about it.

Woodpigeon have a new album entitled Thumbtacks + Glue coming out on February 26th.


Download: Woodpigeon – Red Rover, Red Rover [MP3]

New Music From Woodpigeon

Here is a beautiful new number from Canadian based outfit Woodpigeon called “For Paulo”.  I discovered these guys a couple years ago when they sent me some music and I’ve fallen for them ever since.  This new song appears on a new digital only EP from the group entitled For Paulo of course.  A video for this song has actually been available for a little while, but this is the first I’m hearin’ of it… Imagine that!  Watch the Woodpigeon bandcamp site around January 24th when the entire EP becomes available for purchase and download.


Download: Woodpigeon – For Paolo [MP3]

New Music From Woodpigeon

woodpigeonCandian indie rockers Woodpigeon are returning in 2010 with much anticipated release Die Stadt Muzikantan (“that musical city”? My German is not good).  To preview this upcoming album, the band has released this much easier to pronounce single “Empty-Hall Sing-Along”.  I dare you to get that melody/chorus out of your head after you’ve given this one a few spins.  Woodpigeon’s new album will be out January 12th on Boompa Records.


Download: Woodpigeon – Empty-Hall Sing-Along [MP3]