More New Music from The Sloppy Heads

You’d think everyone would be all over this new record from The Sloppy Heads, after all, James McNew (of Yo La Tengo) record, and played on, the album. I really love this new single, although admittedly, it isn’t pushing any new boundaries; it’s just the perfect execution of rock n’ roll in the modern era. While the song settles into its run pretty immediately, the band jamming out (with organ play in tow) through the middling moments is what really shines to me; you don’t hear too many bands really taking the time to through some jamming in the middle of their tracks these days. Shrimper Records will be releasing the band’s debut LP, Useless Smile, on January 27th, and be forewarned that the more you play it, the more rewards it offers you…as a person, of course…and as a music fan.

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Yo La Tengo – Fade

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Okay, so you know Yo La Tengo, the alternative band who has only been around for about thirty years and have released twelve studio albums? No? Well, crawl out from that cave you’ve been living in and get with things! This band has been putting out quality indie rock for a lot longer than most, and Fade is far from a disintegration of such merit and raw talent that this band possesses.

On the first song of Fade, “Ohm,” you have a fine example of the Velvet Underground-esque style of endless looping of the gritty guitars to start things off right. It’s a long track, pushing seven minutes, but the persistence of the song keeps you intrigued for its duration. The mild gang vocals slide in amidst some heavy hitting percussion, contributing to add up to a fuzzy, beast of a number, which sets the band up to launch right into yet another album filled with music that is simply easy to listen to—you can easily find yourself lost amidst the subtle vocals and the overall gentle sound.

While the first song is a bit grungy, it really doesn’t give way to the rest of the album is going to go; the first track is the grungiest number you’ll find on Fade. Immediately after, on “Is That Enough,” while the fuzzy guitars are still present, the string work lightens up things quickly. But as far as the lighter tracks go on this album, stronger songs are to be had later on, such as “Stupid Things.” Fifth on the album, it’s about the peppiest of songs to be had, with Ira Kaplan’s vocals coming at you, echoed and foggy in the verses and sweetly soaring through the choruses. Meanwhile you have a steady upbeat carrying things on jollily. Another unmistakably strong song comes at the very end of the album with “Before We Run,” which incorporates the string work from before, the persistent buzz of Yo La Tengo, and the deep vocals of Georgia Hubley. Similar in length of the first number, the last track on Fade provides for a wonderful ending to the simplicity and comfortable tracks on this album, complete with some magnificent horn work to round things out.  

While the majority of the tracks are easily accessible, Fade can also be lost track of when listened to. Sure, it’s a great record to listen to when you’re just laying around or on an afternoon drive, but it isn’t really the kind of album that persists you to listen to it. Fade doesn’t beg for your attention, but it makes good use when it gets it.

Friday Top 5: Mix Tape Closers

That’s right, I said mix TAPE. The days of sitting in front of a boombox waiting for a song to come on the radio may be over, but I refuse to say “Mix CD” or to refer to a “digital playlist.” Too many syllables. Just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “mix tape.” Yeah, I know a while back ATH ran a “Top 5 Album Closers” list, but this is different. Because I added the whole “mix tape” angle. So it’s totally not the same thing. You’re buying this right? What’s that? You don’t give a flying squirrel’s ass anyway? Oh thank God. Because I forgot I was supposed to write something this week, so I just threw some garbage together at the last minute. These songs really are good mix tape closers though, I swear.

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New Music From Yo La Tengo

yo_la_tengoNews of an upcoming Yo la Tengo release has been spreading like wildfire over the internet today.  We snagged this first single from the album and are happy to hear that old garage sound we’ve come to love so much.  “Periodically Double or Triple” will appear on the new LP Popular Songs which does not have a release date as of now.


Download: Yo la Tengo – Periodically Double or Triple [MP3]

New Music From Yo La Tengo

Don’t start going crazy over the headline of the post just yet.  It’s sort of new music from Yo La Tengo and sort of not.  The story goes that way back in March a band by the name of Condo Fucks played a surprise type show in NYC with some other bands.  Sort of unexpectedly, that band turned turned out to be just another name for now famous New Jersey indie outfit Yo La Tengo.  This new band, side project or whatever you want to call it has a new album out via Matador on March 24th entitled Fuckbook.  Not sure exactly what the idea is for the project or why the need for all the cursing, but all YLT band members are involved.  Here’s a recently posted song by the band called “Whatcha Gonna Do About It”.


Download: Condo Fucks – Whatcha Gonna Do About It [MP3]