How’d I Miss This: New Malcolm Middleton

malcolmIt’s been awhile, quite awhile, since I’ve heard anything from former Arab Strap member Malcolm Middleton. I kept checking back in, hoping he’d offer up something similar to the brilliant Waxing Gibbous. Well, the follow-up has been announced via Nude Records…and somehow I’m just now hearing about it! But, I’m a bit unsure of the lead single…or at least what it might lead to. While the last solo effort was stripped down and ornate, this single offers glimpses of an electro-pop bit of sadness coming our way. It’s still Middleton’s voice and distinct delivery, so I like it, but not sure it’ll endure for the entirety of an album. I guess we’ll see when Summer of ’13 hits on May 27th. Make up your own mind!

SXSW Interviews: Hospital Ships

hospitalHospital Ships are back this year, and they’ve got a new album to share with you all too! He’s been in and around Austin quite a bit, playing with friends and recording, so he’s familiar with the scene, but then again, SXSW is a whole different animal. We caught up real briefly with Jordan to give you a glimpse into his world. Look for the new album, The Past in Not a Flood on March 11th, the week before the music kicks off! Read more

Another New Hospital Ships Tune

hospitalThe newest track from Hospital Ships isexactly why you’ll be listening to this record non-stop come it’s release. It’s the prefect balance of precision and delicacy; it’s music in movement, stretching over seven minutes long. There’s such patience and restraint in every note that it begins to mesmerize the listeners; one must have reserve to fully absorb the melody as it’s stretched to the maximum. Look for The Past is Not a Flood on via Graveface Records on March 11th.

Power Pop Fun with Wyatt Blair

wyattblairOne of the great things about hitting up a show is discovering an act you knew little about, which happened to me recently when I stumbled into the power-pop delight that is Wyatt Blair while hanging at Hotel Vegas. The band’s set was lively and quick, giving the audience enough time to sink our teeth’s into the tunes, yet wanting more.  So I got more when I picked up the new album, Banana Cream Dream, and I’ve been rocking it ever since.  The record’s filled with tunes that combine ballsy garage rock with sugary pop, which just happens to be my favorite kind. Give it a listen!