Wednesday Night Plans? Go See Migrant Kids @ Holy Mountain

She SirI know how Wednesday goes.  You leave work, hit up Hump Day Happy Hour, then you take it a little too far.  So you want to go out and have a blast with your friends.  Where to go? Tonight there’s a great local show with some of our favorite acts, playing over at Holy Mountain starting at 10 PM.  Easy Tiger will be opening up the evening right at the start, and they’ll be followed by our dear friends, She Sir.  That band just can’t stop writing great pop tunes, so you need to be there.  And, as if that wasn’t a good enough night, Migrant Kids are going to close things down in an excellent fashion.  You want to celebrate Hump Day in style? You can’t find a better way than to catch some great local acts.


Download: She Sir – You Could Be Tiger [MP3]

Great New Jam from She Sir

I really feel like there’s a lot of great music being made in Austin lately.  I know, that should come as no surprise, but some years are weaker than others, but this new jam from locals She Sir is a guaranteed hit, promising us more great music from the group in the near future. They’re recording with Erik Wofford, which always seems to guarantee good things for bands here in town, and the forthcoming record from the group should definitely benefit from his work.  Here’s a track they’re giving out as a teaser, with just a small catch: it’s a new track, but it won’t be featured on the album.  Get it while it’s hot; it’s definitely hot.


Download:She Sir – You Could Be Tiger [MP3]