Top 15 Songs of 2019 According to Chris from Young Scum

Everyone! Meet Chris from Young Scum.

2019 for me was one of those years where when its all said and done you wonder what did I really do or achieve this year? So much happened its hard to process it all at the end of December. Kind of like… making an end-of-year list and trying to remember everything you liked and listened to! It was an amazing year for music and my list was way bigger than this but I narrowed it down to my top 15 songs.

And if you didn’t already know how great they were, go check out the wonderful self-titled LP from Young Scum HERE.

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Young Guv Offers She’s a Fantasy

It seems Young Guv is going to continue his shapeshifting ways on Guv II, as he shares another track from his forthcoming album. It’s interesting, as there’s this sort of soft power-pop vibe stomp that circles back and back again, but the it’s been the harmonies in the song that have really drawn me into the track. Honestly, I can’t help but hear touches of the Grateful Dead when they weren’t jamming lurking in this tune, only furthered by some of the “everything and the kitchen sink” work going on in the song’s latter half. Looking forward to seeing how this all ties together when Guv II drops next week via Run for Cover Records.

Young Guv Shares Caught Lookin

It seems at this point that Young Guv can sort of do what he wants, and deservedly so I’d say. Today, he dropped a tune that’s quite a digression from the first single off the forthcoming Guv II, his follow up to Guv I, which was released earlier this year. Sure, there’s some interesting guitar work, but it definitely takes a back seek to the sleek slow dance grooves of this new tune; I mean, there’s a sexy sax solo lurking right there in the middle of the song. I love that it gives a completely difference glimpse at what’s inside of the artist here; we can’t all rock day in and day out. Guv II is out on October 25th via Run for Cover.

Young Guv Announces Guv II

Guv I has barely stopped spinning on the turntable and already Young Guv is back with Guv II, the second in his Guv series of LPs. Today we get to drop that first single, and man, its a doozy. I immediately think of all the fuzzy power-pop I’ve been jamming to for these past many years; I definitely jumped right to a Teenage Fanclub reference in my brain here, though there’s a hint more swagger. I love the melodic pop breakdown at the 1 minute mark too, adding that sugary-sweetness that ingrains tunes in your head. This record seems like its going to be nothing but hook-filled guitar pop hits, so jump on board to make rock n’ roll fun again. Guv II will be handled by Run for Cover Records, dropping October 25th.

Young Guv Shares Patterns Prevail

Ben Cook’s been rocking Young Guv tunes on the side of all his other projects (Fucked Up/No Warnings) for quite some time, and this year he’s made the jump to Run for Cover Records. His new record sounds like what we’ve come to expect, albeit with a little more power behind it; this new single steps write into that mold immediately. As soon as things kick off, those guitars burst in, rattling your speakers, with the slightest hint of pop sensibility. His voice here sounds a lot like Elliott Smith penning an ode to Teenage Fanclub…which is a huge compliment in my book. Guv I comes out on August 2nd.

New Young Guv Tune

I love how Ben Cook continues to move towards the dancer side of his musical repertoire. While he’s spent a great deal of time with guitar in hand for Fucked Up, his own offerings as Young Guv tend to take on a whole new playful role. The guitars have an underlying shimmer, synths pump through the mix and you’ll find a nice little coat of wash atop the vocals…it all leads to his latest hit that will have you clamoring for more. It also comes with a great little video created by Tristan CM, who has created some audio postcards to go with Guv’s forthcoming releases. Look for the Traumatic 7″ via Slumberland Records this Friday.

Another Young Guv Tune

bcI’ve been approaching the new Young Guv effort with a bit of trepidation for some reason; I think the first single caught me off guard, but I can see why the always reliable Slumberland Records grabbed this new LP, especially after jamming this tune all day.  There’s a bit of gritty shoegaze in the way the guitars swirl around in the mix, but Ben Cook definitely takes hold of his newer pop-centric aims on his vocal display.  This is one of those tracks that could seemingly break through the universe and catch hold of every pop fan out there; it’s that good. Look for Ripe 4 to hit the streets on March 10th.

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The Softer Side of Young Guv

younggzaWhen you’re working with a band like Fucked Up, people are bound to make assumptions about what your solo work will sound like, right? You’d think Young Guv, the band’s guitarist would bring us some sort of heavy-edged punk, or maybe the power-pop influenced touches he brought on his recent EP with the Scuzz.  But, it seems like Ben Cook has some doses of R&B smoothness built into his work; it’s evidenced in this groovy hit he’s just put out in anticipation of his new LP.  The title of the record is Ripe 4 Luv, perhaps giving us a hint that we should expect more songs like this; it’ll be released by Slumberland on March 10th.

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Solid Rocker from Young Guv + the Scuzz

As if Ben Cook wasn’t busy enough with Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings, he’s gotta keep his own project, Young Guv going right?  Well, he’s joined up with some of his favorite musicians in Toronto, deemed the Scuzz, and recorded A Love Too Strong 12″, which will hit stores on July 31st.  It’s always interesting to listen to Cook’s work, as it definitely has a softer side than one would expect from the guitarist in Fucked Up.  This song reminds me of The Replacements a little bit, although there’s a softer edge to it overall–even with the Scuzz backing.  I’m pretty stoekd to hear the final product because this song is just killing it on my stereo right now.


Download: Young Guv + The Scuzz – Heal Over Time [MP3]