Best of Indiepop 2018

Everyone has their own definition of indiepop; but I tend to ascribe to the original craft where DIY aesthetics and a softer response to punk were all the rage. But, to each their own. So I went through last year to compile what I think is a pretty all encompassing Best of Indiepop 2018; there’s no order, just a collection of really great indiepop. Some of the below are songs, some are albums, some are just bands or labels that were important. Click on for my picks and a playful playlist. Read more

Young Scum Drop Indiepop Hit

Did you love that Tres Oui LP? Well, just imagine that album, stripped of Stevesie; you’ll get a clean indiepop sound, which is precisely what Young Scum are offering us on this new single. It ends up giving the band a more spritely version of the pop the Lucksmiths were crafting, but I know these guys have a penchant for distortion, so perhaps we’ll get a mix of both to delight us. Only time will tell, as the band will release their debut LP via Citrus City and Pretty Olivia Records on July 6th.

Irresistible Pop Music From Young Scum

13528861_1157137574345824_381270789673127550_nSometimes a pop song comes your way out of nowhere and it completely changes your mood for the entire day. Well this new one from Richmond based Young Scum has done exactly that. There is so much to enjoy here with “If you Say That”. What starts as a mostly brit-pop, jangly tune, slowly evolves with some heavier guitars to really rock some faces near the end. Yep that’ll do.

Young Scum will release a new EP entitled Zona on July 24th via Citrus City Records.