Dead Katz Share Dance of the Dead

I love when discordant guitar sounds seem to chime out in the perfect way, coming across as melodic in a sense; that’s the feeling I got from this new Dead Katz tune here. Those guitars are jagged and sharp in the mix, but they get the balance from those smoke-like vocals, billowing all the way across the tune as the volume reverberates in your ear. I love the tempo slow mid-track, drawing the listener back in with the faintest hint of respite from the noise. If you’re a fan of the steady blend of pop and noise, then look no further; the band will release Dozens in Idaho via Z Tapes on October 27th.

Birdspotter Drop Gusty Album

I’m not going to lie, today’s going to be a weird day for me; I’m returning to my classroom to teach with students for the first time in over 7 months. So, I needed something calming to get me started this morning as I prepped mentally, which is why this new record from Philly’s Birdspotter is perfect. The entire listen is filled with these subtle little bedroom pop tunes, little pop earworms that creep into your brain and make everything else irrelevant. At times, the tunes are quiet and intimate, other times you get what I’ve chosen for you below, just the slightest uptick in energy as the guitar lines weave in and out of your speakers. Happy Monday to us all, right? The Gusty LP is available via Z Tapes!

New Tune from Lentamente

I’ve really been enjoying the stuff I’ve heard from the forthcoming Lentamente LP; its kind of all over the place in the best way possible. There’s this sort of inherent bounce you’d find in a number of post-punk bands, but it still kind of has this bedroom feel that comes from the vocals, giving it that sort of DIY street cred…plus it never hurts to shine a light on one of ATH’s favorite companies. It’s tough to describe, throwing in all the jangles and all the feels, but still being perfect enough to really satiate your pop tastebuds. Give it a listen, and if you dig, there’s a cassette release of Galeria de Espejos Paralelos on October 19th via Z Tapes.

Stream Boy Romeo’s New LP, Pure Soul

I’ve spent the last week or so really digging deep into Pure Soul, the newest LP from John Steiner’s recording project as Boy Romeo. Every time I press play, I can’t help but wonder how some folks get big and famous, while others toil in obscurity. For me, this whole LP is a brilliant collection of pop songs; it should be a huge record, even as indie standards go. You can just take the singles to start. “Let’s Roll” has this surf-y swagger filled with hints of doo-wop and vocal layering that would make Brian Wilson smile. “Sophie” brings in a high-stepping jangle, meant to kick your heels up and have some fun, even with a sly hint at 80s club dance floors. But, a great LP needs a ballad, which you get in “Daydream” as the album draws near a close. That doesn’t even cover a song like “Pastels,” which could draw Steiner some Dent May comparisons, but here we have him going all in with a big horn solo added to the mix. Oh, and you need an art-y song too? Well, there’s “Waiting for My Call,” which stretches a solid pop number into a synth exploration. This LP has it all, and you can have it all too if you grab a copy from Z Tapes tomorrow when the album drops! Here it all below!