We Show Up On Radar Share Crumb for Erin

I’ve really enjoyed the early listens from We Show Up on Radar; they’ve been vibrant and clever, but this new track gives us a slightly different viewpoint of the artist. This track is all about the storytelling, all about the map being made in hopes that Erin will come home. The arrangements behind the voice, from the horns to the gently strummed guitars adds this forlorn emotional vibe…that is until the synth lines in the final thirty seconds, giving us a bit of upbeat promise as the song fades to black. Zanzibar Whip Coral, the album on which this song appears, drops on March 22nd via Fika Recordings.


We Show Up On Radar Share Willow Tree

I’m really stuck on We Show Up On Radar, especially as the singles from the forthcoming Zanzibar Whip Coral continue to roll out. There are times when I hear bits of Flaming Lips in what Andy Wright is doing; it sounds like he’s throwing every sound into the mix, yet still capturing pop sensibility. Other times, the song gets more simple, just Wright’s voice and minimal instrumentation; even simpler it still some of the most uplifting pop I’ve heard going down this week. The entire album will finally be released on March 22nd via Fika Recordings, bringing us another great pop opus.

New Music from We Show Up On Radar

Do you remember those days where we were swept up by crafty songwriters like Jens and Sufjan? Well, Andy Wright and his project We Show Up On Radar are quite similar, at least in their song construction, adding layer after layer. This tune begins with wonky keyboard lines matching Wright’s voice, then a chorus comes in for backing vocals, marking the entry of piano and percussive handclaps…and all that in just the first minute. Then you find this pulsing fuzz move in, and a softer backing vocal all leading to this glorious pop crescendo where horns and drums and melody crash and swirl together. What a wondrous way to begin the day. If you like it, look for the band’s Zanzibar Whip Coral in March via Fika Recordings.