Beck’s Modern Guilt Details & New Song

Details about Beck’s new album Modern Guilt have been flooding the news trails on the interweb today. The album is set to be released on June 7th in the UK and June 8th stateside. The album is produced by the great Danger Mouse who seems to be turning everything he touches to gold. The recently released Black Keys album Attack & Release produced by Danger Mouse will surely be in my top ten of the year so I’m sure Beck’s newest will be killer. Beck’s also playing that little thing called ACL Festival later this summer and If you’re still waiting to get tickets to that, stop what you’re doing and buy one now. You can also stream a new song off Beck’s new album on his ilike page entitled “Chemtrail”.

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  • If you’re still waiting to get tickets to that little thing called ACL festival, I would call you wise. Cause they can be had for chump change every year on craigslist the week leading up to the fest. And Beck is definitely worth your chump change and then some. Even in the blistering heat. You know how Beck told us about that giant dildo that could block the sun? He needs to break that shit out!

    P.S. In the time of chimpanzees RayRay was a monkey. True fact.

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