While on vacation in Oklahoma, I was treated to a little melting of the face by Oklahoma’s Colourmusic at The Vault Video. They began the evening by involving the crowd in some serious stretching, just so we were prepared. From this point on, it was nothing but sweat and rock n’ roll. Musically, they reminded me of Belle and Sebastian covering metal songs; it was clever and poppy, but with a hint of some darkness. I expect to see huge things from this band in the future–and if every crowd behaves the way the one last night did, you’re in for one hell of a rock show! See some scandalous snapshots here.

Listen to “Put in a Little Gas” from Colour Music or check out myspace for more songs/info. on the band:


Download: alittlegas.mp3

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  • That was amazing show they have really improved, they seem to have found that special connection a band needs.

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