Reggie and the Full Effect – Last Stop Crappy Town

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

I bought this record at the store the other day because for some reason I sincerely hold fond memories of this band.  The first few records were great, and then the band slowly lost its appeal.  Congratulations Nathan! You’re an adult.

Listening to this record all day today, and last night, it was hard to remember exactly what it was about this band that I really enjoyed.  I went back to the old records from my younger days–when I was 20.  There was the answer–the remnants of pop-punk and emo. Don’t smirk! You liked this stuff too!

Anyways, in the beginning, James Dewees–keyboardist for now defunct The Get Up Kids–he blended comedy along with really solid melodies. He tossed me a few solid keyboard solos, and even through samples of hilarious clips into the album.  They were seamless, and honestly, I thought they were special–still hold a spot in my heart.

Of course, there was some remnants of hardcore on the old albums, clearly remaining from Dewees days in Coalesce. It was just a small enough dose to go well with the feel of the record.  Now, that is all that remains.

There are few moments on this record that are redeemable.  The incessant screaming is so 99′ and I just don’t have the patience for it.  And, the lyrics I could decipher were simple, though I never considered Dewees to be much of a songwriter.

For me, this was his last gasp–his “last stop” if you will.  For me, this was my last stop.  This album reminded me of where I have been, and who I have become–frankly, I’m an adult.  This record brought that to a head.  Thanks Reggie, for that you get half a star.


  • Yeah, you totally don’t really understand music. Reggie and the full effects first 2 albums were good. Not amazing, but good if it was what you were into. Eventually came along songs not to get married to. Good album. First half of the cd was great, second half was ho-hum. Now this album….wow…i can really say…maybe my favorite album from him. He said there was nothing reminiscent of the old reggie in this album but i beg to differ. I still heard one main thing that separated Reggie from everyone else. His sound. Yeah, it may sound simple and stupid, but thats what i loved about this band. Nobody sounded like them. No matter how much they tried. But after the second album it was just too predictable for me. With his background with coalesce, it was bound to happen. I enjoyed this mix of poppy synth sound with metal or at times nu-metal type sound. It worked for me and some others i know. I played it in the car and when they heard it, every single one asked who this was. When i said reggie, they flipped and were amazed. They said they liked it before they knew who it was.

    This is a great album…whether your young or old. Maybe it’s not that your age says you don’t like it. It’s just not your cup of tea.

    Don’t write reviews unless you love ALL music. Not just a few genres.

  • Please don’t review music based on a band’s previous efforts. It’s very unfair, especially when this particular band has only one constant member.

    James has come full-circle in his music. Each album he’s contributed to has had its merits, and judging each with its previous is unrealistic. Each effort should be judged of itself, not because you were disappointed in the realization that you’re an adult (whatever that infers) due to not liking a artist’s progression.

    Do you know how disappointed I was some 10-odd years ago when Shudder To Think released 50,000 B.C.? After scratching my way through 3 copies of Pony Express Record, I fell flat on my face upon hearing 50,000. Now-a-days it’s a favorite album of mine. I was able to separate the band on an album-level. Once you can do the same, then maybe you can call yourself a musical-adult.

  • RainforestSessions

    This is a great album…whether your young or old. Just not if you are an adult.

  • Life isn’t fair.

    Saves the Day only has one constant member – can you honestly listen to those newer albums and not say ‘holy shit, remember how good they used to be?’

  • I almost feel like I should write a new review for this record. People are missing the point entirely…this record is probably one of the worst things I have ever heard. James has no business trying to scream; it just doesn’t come off well at all. Not to mention, did you hear how empty those nu-metal guitars come off?

    If I were to purchase this as a first experience to Reggie, I would never buy another album by this man. The only reason I gave it a .5 was because of nostalgia, which is what I was trying to tie into the review. Possibly one of the worst albums to come off Vagrant ever.

  • He’s allowed to give an album a bad review. Quit bitching. It’s just one dude’s opinion.
    And yes, you have to be able to compare an artist’s work to previous efforts. You need a reference point. I personally think the new Reggie album sorta sucks, save for a few songs. It’s lacking the usual charm. Now it just sounds like crappy nu-metal. Just my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me, or the guy who wrote this blog.

  • I fucking love this cd. The first couple listens I honestly thought it sucked, but the n I realllly listened to it. It’s an amazing powerful cd; one of my favorites.

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