ACL Battles: MGMT vs. Spiritualized

Okay, so I personally think this may be the toughest choice to make of the festival.  On one side, you’ve got a very young band in MGMT who have only had major success since the release of their superb second album Oracular Spectacular in 2007.  On the other hand, Spiritualized are coming up on twenty years of existence and have been seeing success since before members of MGMT were in middle school.  Both bands will be playing at 5:30 on Saturday on the AT&T Blue Room stage and the Dell stage respectively.  You have a choice between the psych-pop of MGMT or the space rock of Spiritualized.  What’s it gonna be?


Download: MGMT – Electric Feel [MP3]


Download: Spiritualized – Soul on Fire [MP3]


  • Jasaon Spaceman makes me cry. I need that this weekend. Spiritualized it is.

  • I guess I won’t be seeing Nathan much this weekend.

    Not really exposed to the Spiritualized catalog, so I plead ignorance to some degree. BUT, the MGMT show will be fun. I like fun things.

    bassline, dance party, models, cocaine, jobs in offices, good times.

    I didn’t realize this was a conflict. I guess the earlier lineup had MGMT way earlier, 1pm Sat. Good for them.

  • assuming they’re doing their electric mainlines show, watch spiritualized. i just saw them at treasure island music fest and they were amazing.

  • No contest. Spiritualized.

  • If you missed Spiritualized you made a foolish mistake. Why would you choose a band that has one album under their belts over one of the more original, progressive band of the last two decades? Oh, and they sounded amazing.

  • i was hardly aware of either group, and somehow I (luckily) decided to go with Spiritualized. I can’t think of any way to put it into words, but for those of you who saw MGMT instead…. NANNY NANNY BOOBOO!!!

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