FT5: Halloween Songs

Conveniently for us, Halloween just happens to fall on a Friday. So we’re jumping on the bandwagon and bringing you our top 5 Halloween songs. But here’s the best part – we are also creating an ATH playlist for your Halloween party. That’s right, we’re including the songs. Just fire up ATH Radio, and you’ve got yourself an instant party. Full list of zombie laden goodness after the jump.

5. Ray Parker, Jr. – Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters Theme Song deserves a spot because it is 7 minutes of Ray Parker, Jr proclaimin’ over and over that “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” Despite the double negative, it’s a powerful crushing blow to all ghouls and ghosts in the New York Metropolitan Area. If you are a paranormal and you hear that song coming at you accompanied with the screeching sirens of Ecto 1, you know your ass is about to get handed to you by a proton gun.

I personally recommend playing this song just before you go to bed every night in order to eradicate all spooks that might go bump in the night. Nay, you won’t even be afraid of Gozer the Traveler when he comes in the form of a giant Slor (as he did in during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants). –davatron5000


4. John Carpenter – Halloween

So in between your ironic scary music that everyone can bust a move to, be sure to pick the right scary movie theme song. Our pick has to be John Carpenter’s scary as hell theme to the 1978 thriller Halloween. Other than this one, I could see some of you going with the Jaws theme but who’s that gonna scare unless they’re going for a swim!? No other scary movie theme song anounces: “Hey Everybody, some bad shit is about to go down.” better than this one. Sure, the “Kill Mom” sound clip from Friday the 13th does the same thing but that’s not really a song now is it? Unless you’re Jamie Lee Curtis equipped with a quilting needle, the Halloween theme might as well be the theme song to your death.


3. Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstein

This song deserves to be in the 3 spot just because it’s Alice Cooper (and Wayne’s World). Alice Cooper is Halloween all year round. He (along with KISS) wrote the book on face paint. I DEFY YOU to listen to this song and have it not stick around in your head all day. Alice Cooper is so Halloween that he even has his own Frankenstein!!!!! The only other person I know of owning his own personal Frankenstein is Dr. Frankenstein!


… After further listening… although I cannot confirm this, I’m pretty sure “my frankenstein” refers to his “penis”. REGARDLESS! This song did to Metal what Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and The Cryptkickers did to bebop with “Monster Mash”. Is that a good thing? Yes!? –davatron5000

2. White Zombie – I’m Your Boogie Man

So imagine if you will one of the happiest sun-filled bands in musical history, KC & The Sunshine Band. Then imagine if you will the dark twisted soul that is Rob Zombie getting a hold of the disco band’s 1976 hit “I’m Your Boogie Man.” If the video for this pee your pants scary song doesn’t evoke fear in your heart, then you’re probably just as twisted as Mr. Zombie himself. I wouldn’t recommend playing this song or video late into the evening, as your intoxicated friends might start hurting each other. If you’re looking for that unique Halloween song that isn’t blaring obnoxiously at every party you go to, try this little gem. The song’s got a mad tight beat too!


1. Michael Jackson – Thriller

It’s cliche. It’s expected. We don’t care. This song is to Halloween as the Star Spangled Banner is to the USA. Can’t you picture Francis Scott Key crouched behind the bushes writing about the zombie terror/awesomeness unfolding before his eyes? Any list that doesn’t include Thriller as their top pick is either trying to piss you off or hates Halloween. Thriller isn’t just a great Halloween song, it’s a cult. How many other songs have been danced to in perfect sync by 1,500 Filipino prison inmates? How many dance studios shut down to teach you the moves during Halloween week? How many wedding videos are there on YouTube that feature the dance? Thriller is as perfectly awesome as “Monster Mash” is perfectly terrible. It’s a song that no one gets tired of. Quite simply, it’s the perfect Halloween Party song. And seriously, fess up… how many of you are dressing up as Michael Jackson this year? –raygun



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