FT5: 2008 FFF Fest Memories

After a sun filled, chilly and wild weekend at FFF Festival, ATH is ready to bring you some of our favorite things that went down during the two day event. Obviously the best way to do that is through our recurring Friday Top 5 series. Follow the jump to read our top things about last weekends FFF Festival.

5. The Return of Trail of Dead

I know Austin rockers Trail of Dead haven’t really been away too long, but doesn’t it feel like a long time? Close to a year without a show in or around Austin? Unacceptable! Apart from a return to the stage, the band also looks to return to form on their upcoming LP due out in 2009. If the new EP Festival Thyme is any indication, things are looking good. When Jason Reece made a leap into the crowd on Saturday afternoon, it felt like a wake up call to the world that Trail of Dead was still a force to be reckoned with. Oh and the set was loud, fast, and rocking as always. Keep showing the world that Austin is still the reigning music capital of the world, gentlemen.

4. Overall Atmosphere

Let’s face it, ACL is completely out nowadays. Fun Fun Fun Fest is now our favorite festival to attend. For one, the audience is much smaller, which made room for hipsters and punks to share common ground with one another in a sign of solidarity. Second, you got to avoid the ridiculous swelter of the sun, trading it in for the most perfect weather that any of us wanted. Needless to say, it was perfect for drinking beer without fear of severe dehydration, and we didn’t have to listen to a bunch of old fogies who are way past the point of retirement. Sadly, we did have to endure the dust issue, but hey, we’re in a drought people. All in all, Fun Fun Fun won our hearts.

3. Phenomenal Drumming

It started out with the dueling drums of Trail of Dead, battling out against one another as the rest of the crew kicked out the jams. The ferocious pounding reminded everyone of the power that lies inside those local Austin beasts. Then came Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier. Dear lord we thought that guy was going to tear the stage down with his incessant pounding. But, we can’t forget that Grant Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit had a striking resemblance to Animal, nor can we forget his undying enthusiasm throughout the set. Stephanie Bailey of local Austin band The Black Angels also did an incredible job behind her kit. You’ve got to give credit to all the solid drummers out there this past weekend.

2. The National

Everyone has to admit that despite the quality in their albums, The National have a tendency to sound a lot like the soundtrack to an Anderson Cooper dinner party. But, as the sun disappeared behind Brackenridge Hospital, and the dust curled up nicely inside everyone’s nostrils, The National took to the stage. Perhaps it was the way the blue lighting hit the band perfectly, mixing their stage presence with the appropriate amount of dust particles. Maybe it had something to do with how incredibly energetic the violin/instrumentalist actually was in person. Regardless, The National reminded us of exactly what it should feel like to fall in love with a headliner.

1. The Revival Tour

This was on the local radar for some of the staff here at ATH, and it was in our suggested listening for those who would be attending the festivities. The punk-rock super group exceeded expectations, making the three hour set one of the hottest places to reside during the late afternoon on Sunday. Sure, other bands sounded interesting, but could you really pull yourself away from the guttural yell of Ben Nichols? Did you really want to miss the humble Tim Barry sharing his soul with the fans who’ve supported Avail for years? Didn’t Tom Gabel make you want to scream along? Chuck Ragan? That dude owns. Nothing competed with this.

Today’s Friday Top 5 hereby wraps up the ATH coverage of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008. We hope you all enjoyed the content. Many thanks to The Austinist for taking care of us bloggers and to Transmission for starting this overly fun festival. Here’s to hoping you can one up yourself next year. Stay real.

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