Free Week Guide (1/3)-(1/10)

So the now famous free week is finally upon us and you want to know what’s going on.  For you inquiring minds, we decided to give you a night by night guide on what venues you should head out to.  Obviously more than one show is going on each night, but we’re picking the best show on each night.  Follow the jump for our free week guide.

Friday (1/2)Emo’s has Lemurs, Ringo Deathstarr, Ovenbirds, The Boxing Lesson, The Great Nostalgic on the outside stage with doors at 8pm.  Built by Snow and Calm Blue Sea are also headlining over at Mohawk so try to sneak over if you get a chance.  This night may be the hardest decision you have of the week.

Saturday (1/3)Mohawk tonight with Riverboat Gamblers, Alright Tonight, Harlem on the outside stage.  Inside stage features Bankrupt and The Borrowers, Cartright, Whitman, and The Greyhound.  Music starts at 9pm.

Sunday (1/4)Emo’s tonight with The Always Already, Haunting Oboe Music, and Prayer For Animals on the inside stage.  Outside stage features The Tunnels, Christian Bland (of The Black Angels), Woven Bones, The Astronaut Suit, Levis (elvis Acoustic Set), and Dj Scorpio.  Doors at 8, music at 10.

Monday (1/5) – Emo’s again with Zookeeper, Booher and the Turkeyz, Frank Smith, Masonic, and Sad Accordions.  Doors at 8, music at 10.

Tuesday (1/6)Mohawk tonight with newcomers Frantic Clam, Baby Robots, Colour Wheel, and Perfect Pants on the inside stage. Music at 10pm.

Wednesday (1/7) – Head back to Emo’s with When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Diagonals, Eagle Claw, My Education, Black Cock, and Selenese on the inside stage.  Outside features World Burns To Death, Unit 21, Iron Age, and The Altars.  Doors at 8, music at 10.

Thursday (1/8) – Pretty solid night at Emo’s with El Paso Hot Button, Harlem, Ume, and The Blacks on the inside stage.  Doors at 8, music at 10.

Friday (1/9) – Stay at Emo’s with Strange Boys, special guests, White White Lights, The Teeners, and Man Stamps on the outside stage.  Doors at 8, music at 10.

Saturday (1/10) – The big show of free week at Emo’s with Those Peabodys, The Crack Pipes, Shapes Have Fangs, Red Leaves, Wine & Revolution, and A Giant Dog on the inside stage.  Outside stage has DJ Remy Mac (Ramesh from Voxtrot), The Black, International Waters, The Minotaurs (ex-Sound Team), Corto Maltese, Cry Blood Apache, and Bear Claw.  Music at 10.

Everything is free unless you’re underage.  $5 for the kids.

More info. can be found on the Emo’s & Mohawk websites.

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