New Music From Yo La Tengo

Don’t start going crazy over the headline of the post just yet.  It’s sort of new music from Yo La Tengo and sort of not.  The story goes that way back in March a band by the name of Condo Fucks played a surprise type show in NYC with some other bands.  Sort of unexpectedly, that band turned turned out to be just another name for now famous New Jersey indie outfit Yo La Tengo.  This new band, side project or whatever you want to call it has a new album out via Matador on March 24th entitled Fuckbook.  Not sure exactly what the idea is for the project or why the need for all the cursing, but all YLT band members are involved.  Here’s a recently posted song by the band called “Whatcha Gonna Do About It”.


Download: Condo Fucks – Whatcha Gonna Do About It [MP3]


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