A2W: The Great Nostalgic

It’s 2009, and here at Austin Town Hall we are looking to help promote the Austin scene, and thus comes our new segment on Austin Artists to Watch.  Our first little blurb comes after catching this band, The Great Nostalgic, at Emo’s Friday night during Free Week.  Follow the jump for full story and free tuneage.

Upon first listen, it would be hard for many people to not throw out the Wolf Parade reference, but that merely revolves around the vocals of singer Abram Shook.  But, don’t let that confuse you, as the band is more than just an imitator.  They rely on a phenomenal drummer (the other night he was simply fantastic!)  with various keyboard elements added throughout the songs, giving them the feel of a dirtier version of Headlights.

Everyone in attendance at Emo’s seemed enthused at the promising act, with those at Austin Town Hall included.  They have a full-length wrapped up, with plans to release the album leaning towards the end of February  Surely this can only mean good things for us all, as this band will be a force to be reckoned with in the year of 2009.

The band will be playing a set of shows in the upcoming weeks before the release of their debut album.  See them this Wednesday for free over at Club Deville.


Download: The Great Nostalgic – County Line [MP3]

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