A2W: Frantic Clam

A couple weeks ago, we told you about a new Austin artist to watch called The Great Nostalgic. This week we’d like to focus on another new and promising local act, Frantic Clam.  We recently had the good fortune of seeing this band at Beauty Bar the other night and we’re excited what the future has in store for them. Follow the jump for their story and free music.

The story of Frantic Clam is simple yet complicated at the same time. Current guitar player/vocalist, Zack Hadley, and former bass player Joe Sparks started the band while serving with the US army in Iraq. Upon returning to the states, the pair enlisted drummer Vasanth Coorg and second guitar player Jack Reid to help out with the recording of their debut EP Celebrity. Shortly after some critical acclaim from the EP, Joe Sparks choose to leave the band for personal reasons and the band pressed on without him. That’s the short version of the story anyway.

Fast forward to present day and you see the band currently touring in support of their buzz worthy second EP Anatomica. This EP has been earning high praise from ATH along with a slew of other local blogs and music sites. Anatomica grew upon the idea behind Celebrity and transformed Frantic Clam into a band with a much more focused sound and vision. Lead singer Zack has been quoted as saying “Anatomica is the sound we were originally going for”.

Is it TV On The Radio? Is it southern garage rock? Maybe our new White Denim? We’ve found it close to impossible to put a label on this band and I don’t think we want to anymore. Isn’t that what makes a band great? We like to think so.

If you’re out and about this weekend, check out the band at The Parlor this Saturday night. They’re playing with some other local acts as part of the Exemplrary Records Anniversary Party.

Below you’ll find some pictures from Frantic Clam’s Beauty Bar performance last Wednesday night (1/14).  As always, pictures are provided courtesy of our photo man Jonathon Edwards.  Say hello to him on myspace.



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