ATH Interviews: Broken Social Scene

bss_coverPrior to Broken Social Scene taking the stage at Bass Concert Hall we were able to grab a few minutes with Brendan Canning and Charles Spearin. They talk about the current state of the band, their most recent tour, and details about their solo albums. Thanks to Robin and Brendan for all of the arrangements and preparations.

Read the Brendan Canning Interview

Read the Charles Spearin Interview


  • RayRay definitely gets credit on these interviews too. After all, it was his hook up that got us this, and his transcribing the words. Much love.

  • see, nathan. lots of people have the killers as a guilty pleasure.

  • Kevin would have had to be mighty sick. Canning was right that they never cancel shows. I saw them on the fourth of july last year and kevin was there even though he had a fucked up back. I guess vicodin and alcohol cured that.

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