3/6 Cut Copy/Matt & Kim @ Stubb’s

mkcc_coverCut Copy brought their brand of poppy dance music to Stubbs on Friday night.  The band was joined on the stage by fellow pop hit makers Matt & Kim, who seemed to steal the show from the famous Australian band.  Follow the jump to read a full review of this show and see some fancy photos.

Friday night Stubb’s hosted an electric dance party that started with DJ Knightlife, followed by Matt and Kim’s first show on their tour with Cut CopyMatt and Kim were glad to be playing in Austin, and it definitely showed.  The two have earned a well-deserved following by cranking out energetic and light-hearted tracks. They were grinning ear to ear the entire set, and their fast-paced beats and lyrics demanded crowd participation.  They are undeniably worth seeing live.

Cut Copy treated the sold-out crowd with a booming introduction of “Lights and Music” followed by “Far Away.”  The electro-pop band was backed by huge fluorescent light bars that highlighted the beat of the electronic music.  Their songs are filled with poppy lyrics and lively synths that make people want to hit the dance floor, however the partly-live act was almost a let down.  It was enjoyable to say the least, but the light show and performance could have been a bit more stimulating and enticing.  At times, it felt like the band was pushing play and singing karaoke style over their own songs with only the drummer actually “playing” music.  Overall, great dance party but it’s hard to follow Matt and Kim’s feel-good enthusiasm.

Both bands would be well worth the ticket price if they’re blowing through your town during their Spring tour together.  Be sure to bring ya dancin’ shoes.

Pictures are brought to you by our photo man Jonathon Edwards.  Say hello to him on myspace.

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