SXSW Watchlist: An Horse

main-photoNot too long ago, we ran a feature on Australian band An Horse and now we’re lucky enough to have them coming to town for SXSW.  Don’t forget that the band’s debut LP Rearrange Beds is out now in stores or on itunes.  Follow the jump to read a short interview with Kate from An horse or see some SXSW dates.

ATH: Rolling Stone called you a “small scale Nirvana“.  Would you agree with that comparison or is it way off?

Kate: Being compared to Nirvana is amazing!  I think it’s great because honestly there are not many obvious similarities between Nirvana and An Horse.  I mean, there are two of us, 50% of An Horse is female.  Nirvana were three, 100% male.  I do play Mustangs, so did Kurt Cobain.  So I guess my point is yeah it is cool because it’s about good music.  Nirvana made amazing music.  If someone wants to suggest we do, amazing!  Flattering!

ATH: What are 2-3 bands that inspired you to do what you do?

Kate: Damon and I always talk about the bands that inspired us.  We listen to them all the time in the van.  The bands that inspired us to do what we do: Fugazi, Sleater-Kinney, Tegan & Sara, Nirvana.  Easy.

ATH: Is this “side-project” officially not a side-project anymore?  Are you exclusively in this band or are your other bands still going?

Kate: No, it’s not a side project.  It never really was.  It was something we are always firmly committed to.  We are just really lucky we got so busy!  We aren’t playing in any other bands.

ATH: Seems like we’ve been talking to a lot of Australian acts coming to SXSW.  What’s one we shouldn’t miss?

Kate: An horse!

ATH: Besides you guys of course, what is the best two person band around?

Kate: It’s a tie between the Spinanes and The Evens

SXSW Dates:

Wednesday March 18thMaggie Mae’s Rooftop – 12am (official)

Thursday March 19th – Sounds Australia Party @ Friends Bar – 12pm

Saturday March 21stAgency Group Showcase @ Emo’s – 9pm


Download: An Horse – Postcards [MP3]

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