SXSW Watchlist: Annuals

the_annualsAnnuals is a band that is no stranger to coverage on our little website.  We saw them during Fun Fest, have covered some of their other live work, and even had the chance to catch them in town a month ago.  The band will be returning to town during SXSW and they are not an act you would want to miss out on.  Follow the jump to read a short interview with Adam from Annuals, see some SXSW dates and grab a song.

ATH: We know you’ve been to Austin several times.  What are some of your favorite things to do here?

Adam: Eat pizza and play in the river.

ATH: Going on 6 years in the music game, you guys are becoming a “veteran” band.  To what do you owe your success up to this point?

Adam: Everyone who ever listened to us.

ATH: What are the plans for the band in 2009?

Adam: Tour, record, tour, nap, record, record, tour.

ATH: I’ve always found your music hard to categorize.  Sometimes it’s twangy pop with a dash of country, sometimes it’s prog-rocky and other times just great music.  Where would you categorize yourself?

Adam: The best word I can think of is jungle folk.

ATH: What’s the album of the year so far in 2009?

Adam: Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

SXSW Dates:

Wednesday March 18thTerpsikhore/Favorite Gentleman Showcase @ Radio Room – 12am (official)

Thursday March 19th Filter Showdown @ Cedar St – 2:30pm (free)

Saturday March 21stReadyMade Mag Party @ Halcyon – 3:45pm (free)


Download: Annuals – Confessor [MP3]

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