FT5: Anticipated SXSW Artists Releases

0313top5cover1While we were roaming around town last week, we started thinking about some of the upcoming releases that have got us peeing our pants in anticipation this year. Then we saw some of these artists during SXSW and got even more excited for what’s to come. For today’s Top 5, we wanted to take a look at some of theses new releases and rank them in order of just how excited we are about them. Some big names who were in town (Decemberists, Dan Auerbach, etc.) have already put out some solid releases this year, so we’re hoping that these won’t let us down. Follow the jump for our full Top 5 of anticipated releases from SXSW artists.

thermals25. Thermals – Now We Can See

It’s no secret that we have always been big supporters of Portland, OR band The Thermals, so of course we’re eagerly awaiting the release of their new album. This album is a sort of transition period for the band as they recently left Sub Pop Records and just got themselves a new drummer. Most would assume that some bands might falter under such major changes, but we caught the band during SXSW and they rock as hard as ever. The Thermals only make it to the 5 slot on our list because we have no doubts about how great this album will be. Some of our higher slots are a bit more uncertain, so the anticipation about how they will deliver runs a bit higher. Now We Can See is due out April 7th via Kill Rock Stars.

dirtyprojectors4. Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

When your last album gets an 8.1 from Pitchfork, you know the music world is going to put some unwanted pressure on you to follow up the greatness. Such is the case with Dave Longstreth and his musical project The Dirty Projectors. We missed out on a few chances to see the band last week, but we heard their performance on NPR and are optimistic about some of the new material that was played. You can get your hands on Bitte Orca June 9th via Domino.

stvincent3. St. Vincent – Actor

We can’t say for sure when it was that we fell in love with Annie Clark, otherwise known as St. Vincent. Maybe it was when we caught her set a couple years ago at ACL. Maybe it was this year at Fun Fest (we were probably already mad about her at that point). No matter when we jumped on board, we love the music created by St. Vincent. She infuses great emotion into all of her songs about love, heartbreak and revenge. We missed seeing Mrs. Clark during SXSW so we didn’t get a chance to hear any of the new material. So far we’ve only heard the single “Actor Out of Work”, but it’s doing enough to make us want this album sooner rather than  later.  Actor is out May 4th via 4AD.

grizzlybear2. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear makes it high up on our list because we aren’t so sure what to expect from this album. Maybe it’s fair, maybe it’s not, but when you create such a hyped and beautiful album as Yellow House from 2006, expectations will run high. This is one of those bands that could really make our break their career on this next album. Again, that may not be fair, but we just know they are capable of great things. We hope it’s outstanding (or at least gives us another “Knife”). Veckatimest will be out May 26th on Warp Records.

camera_obscura1. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career

We love Scottish bands. No for real, we fucking love Scottish bands. Camera Obscura is another band of Scots that we tend to obsess over. We’ve already heard this album, and it’s pretty tasty. We hope you’re excited. My Maudlin Career is out April 14th on 4AD.

Did we forget anybody?

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