FT5: Things To Buy On Record Store Day

0417top5coverThis Saturday, April 18th, is Record Store Day all across these United States. Sure, that seems like just another Saturday to most buyers, but the true record geek in all of us is already waiting in line. You see, on Record Store Day, you get to do two things: you get to support your favorite local indpendent record store and you get loads of limited edition stuff.  Me, personally, I can’t wait. I’ve already crafted a list so as to move through my favorite record store with ease in pursuit of such rarities that one can only dream.  The following is the list of the great things one can find at their local indpendent store, and we encourage you to do so, as this is the day the stores give back to us, and we give back to them.

rsd_jayreatard5. Sonic Youth/Jay Reatard Split 7″

Now, I initially questioned which was more important in my geekdom, the Sonic Youth Split 7″ with Jay Reatard or with Beck.  Then I realized that there really isn’t a choice; not only do I get to get my hands on new Sonic Youth, but I can also get my hands on tunes from Jay Reatard.  Sure, Beck has his moments, and his work with Jay Reatard was much appreciated, but there was no better choice for me than to procure this split. And, I know it will really piss of RayRay because he hates Jay like I hate KOL.

rsd_cameraobscura4. Camera Obscura – French Navy 7″

Upcoming weeks will show the release of this band’s fourth LP, so anything I can get in conjunction with said release is going to be ridiculously awesome.  I realize of course that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the twee country twinge makes me quite happy, especially in the absence of anything from my dear friend Stuart Murdoch.  This may not be high on everyone’s list of things to grab on Saturday, but it’s near the top of my list.

rsd_leonardcohen3. Leonard Cohen – The Future/Suzanne 7″

Lenny has made it to our lists on various occasions, and he’s one of my favorites.  Now, these two songs were recorded live in London, which will help me make up for the fact that I was not willing to shell out $100+ on his show last week in Austin.  Also, the fact that it comes on 7″ format will allow me to sit in my room late at night and pretend that this is one of the original Leonard Cohen 45s that came out during the early career of the man.

rsd_deadweather2. Dead Weather – Hang You From the Heavens 7″

The first reason why this is important is that it marks the debut release of Third Man Records, and everyone loves a new label. The second reason is that you all love Jack White. My reason: the chick from the Kills/Discount/Dead Weather is smoking hot, and I absolutely love some of the latest recordings that have come with her voice.  I know, I know; it’s probably not the smartest thing for me to put my money into a chick with whom I have no chance, but she’s hot…and this track really got me going, so I’m buying it.

rsd_pavement1. Pavement – Live in Koln 1998 LP

Yes, I love Pavement.  I have a slight man-crush on Stephen Malkmus, especially after his last record seemed a return to form. Now, did I get into the band a little too late? Yea; I was just a wee angst-ridden teen, so I didn’t know better, but since then, I’ve bought the reissues and I’ve honed my knowledge on the lore of the band. Now I get a chance to get my hands on some rare live performances, an entire live show no less.  I’m going to sit in my room, set up my Pavement puppets, and pretend the band is rocking to me live; I might even use candles as stage lighting. This has to be one of the best gems of the day, so thank you Matador Records, and Pavement too!

Waterloo also worked up a fancy page with a list of all the exclusive stuff they’ll be carrying.  Check it out.

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  • Wow, one of my first shows in Austin was Pavement @ Stubbs during their 1998 tour. I feel old. And yes, thank you Matador for that. A must-have.

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