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prettyandniceWe brought Boston band Pretty & Nice to our SXSW showcase at Victory Grill and have been awaiting their return to Austin for a proper show.  We are in luck, because the band has a show lined up next week at Emo’s on Thursday (4/30).  We’ll remind you about that next week, but for now, check out an interview with band member  Jason Mendicino.  It’s quite insightful.  Follow the jump for full interview with Jason from Pretty & Nice.

ATH:You guys appear to be big supporters of the old school analog way of recording.  Do you use a bit of analog and a bit digital or just straight up old school?

P&N:FUSION is the key, my main man!  A piping hot guitar can scream happy words when you shoot her through both a digital processor AND a tube preamp.  Always good to remember that Ampex and Neve didn’t know that there were binary codes looming in the future…  they just created shit that kicked.  We respect ALL gear that kicks.

ATH: Is this digital movement a good thing for the industry or do you think it hurts it?

P&N: Digital sales certainly don’t hurt us…  i would certainly imagine that any industry will find a way to profit from whatever they come up against. Right now, all they have to do is remind folks that human beings are guilt ridden creatures, and if we go against the grain and don’t pay for “product,” we’ll go to Consumer Hellll!

ATH: A lot of reviewers refer to you as “pop” or “edgy pop”.  Is that accurate or can you add more adjectives to your sound?

P&N: I’m pretty sure that we called ourselves ‘pop’ before they did, and we’ve been reviewing ourselves for a lot longer than those guys.

ATH: Did you enjoy your time at SXSW?  What are a few of your favorite things about our town/the festival? (besides our badass website/showcase of course)

P&N: HA!   Well, we always get amped to head down to TX for the BBQ, and this year was certainly no exception.  Otherwise, it was the wonderful, hectic, drunken, Summer tease that it always has been and always should be!

ATH: What’s in the plans for you guys in the next year or so?

P&N:Record, write, play, record, record, tour, write, tour, eat.

ATH: What’s the current state of the music scene in Boston?

P&N: Liquid, but slowly vaporizing.

ATH: Any bands up there we should know about?

P&N: YES.  The Big Big Bucks, Wonderful Spells, Age Rings, Reports, Magic Magic, You Can Be A Wesley, Tulsa …  I’m sure i’m forgetting some…  but yeah!

ATH: What’s the best release of 2009? or 2008 for that matter?

P&N: Emperor X – The Blythe Archives,  Xiu Xiu –  Women As Lovers

ATH: Random question…. you guys have the coolest yellow tour van I’ve ever seen.  Where did you get that thing?



Download: Pretty & Nice – Tora Tora [MP3]

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