04/21 Dr. Dog Show @ The Parish

drdog_07“Paging Dr. Dog; Dr. Dog needed in the ER”. “Patients at the Parish need resuscitation.” If you missed the sold out show at the Parish late Tuesday night, your heart rate may thank you, but your feet? Not so much. The young Philly rockers pounded out a heart racing, feet stomping 1.5 hour set comprised of songs from their critically acclaimed albums ‘Fate’ and ‘We All Belong’, with a few gems from earlier releases. Follow the jump to read all about it, check out the setlist and see a handful of pics.

Back in September 2008, Dr. Dog came through the Parish coinciding with the arrival of Hurricane Ike and played virtually the same set list with some minor changes. Both shows displayed great energy which is becoming sort of a trademark for the band. With Toby’s raspy voice and Scott’s choral antithesis in a battle for vocal fortitude, Dr. Dog’s harmonies swirled through rafters at the Parish like a hurricane. A good new song, ‘Fat Dog’ was added to the set and served as a transition into an impromptu singing of Happy Birthday for a crowd member. One set surprise for me was ‘The Pretender’ which is one of my favorite songs ever (In fact, I’m listening to it as I write this). Do yourself a favor and go buy Easy Beat. And while you’re at it, get Fate. Damn, just go buy their whole discography. Hopefully they’ll be back on the ACL bill this year; we’ll find out that next week. One thing we do know; Dr. Dog keep getting better and they obviously enjoy playing Austin.

Opening for Dr. Dog were Golden Boots from Tuscon, AZ and the Cave Singers from Seatlle, WA.

The Ark
The Way the Lazy Do
The Breeze
The Pretender
The Old Days
The Beach
The Girl
Oh No
Army of Ancients
My Friend
Hang On
Fat Dog> Happy Birthday Tiffany
Fool’s Life
Worst Trip
Rabbit, Rat, and Reindeer

My Old Ways
Die, Die, Die (w/Hacienda)
Ain’t It Strange
Cover?(Unknown)Any one?? Buhler?

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