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blink182Not sure why I’ve had Blink-182 on the mind lately, but can you deny the catchy pop/punk tunes this band used to create?  I highly doubt it.  I remember when Enema of the State came out and I listen to it now just as much as I did back in ’99.  This album also marks the band’s jump from a buzz band to a band that packed arenas across the country.  I’ll admit that Dude Ranch provided a lot of success and mainstream popularity, but Enema took them to new levels.  Hell let’s just celebrate that this album is about to turn 10 years old and you still love it!  And let’s not forget that the band is getting back together!  I chose one of my favorite gems from the album “Aliens Exist” which features a slick drum intro from then new member Travis Barker.


Download: Blink-182 – Aliens Exist [MP3]


  • Allow me to jump up on my skate rat soap box but “Enema of the State” was the death of Blink 182 and the birth of an entire generation of watered down shit splattered on a the back drop of pseudo-punk fast beats defined by signature fender guitars and rotating Cadillacs.
    Travis Barker killed Blink 182. “What’s My Age Again” or your cute little “Aliens Exist” don’t hold a torch to “Apple Shampoo”, “Dammit”, “Dicklips”, or the even better “Carousel” or “Cacophony”. The only good song on Enema is “The Party Song” the rest is crap just like everything Travis Barker has ever touched.

    Scott Raynor forever!

  • I never claimed to be a Blink-182 expert, just a fan of this album. If you’re crying sell out, I didn’t really care about shit like that in ’99 and just liked jammin’ this one as I drove around with my learner’s permit.

    I guess I didn’t know much about the band when their first album came out when I was in like 4th/5th grade. I guess you’ve just always been cool Kyle.

  • I went to see Blink 182 at the Erwin Center in 1999-ish right after this album came out. I was hoping they’d do some pre-Enema stuff, but i was monumentally disappointed.

    There were literally whole rows of 13-year olds bookend-ed by soccer moms on each side singing along to “What’s my Age Again”. Looking back, I was basically at a Fall Out Boy concert. That’s what they had de-volved into.

    Needless to say, I enjoyed the opening set by Bad Religion much more than Blink 182.

  • Dude they like paved the way for Fall out Boy! Without this album, Fall out Boy doesn’t exist! Thank you Blink-182!

  • I also saw the Bad Religion/Blink 182 show, but at Smirnoff (I think that was what is was called). Blink was forgettable, but Bad Religion killed. I remember at one point losing my shoe in the pit and while looking around for it got hit in the face by a flying shoe, which just happened to be my own. Some spectator must have a good laugh from that one. Thanks whoever you are. I loved those reeboks and would have been mortified to lose one.

    I agree with the above posters but will go even farther back, Blink sucked post-Cheshire Cat. That is some good stuff. M&M’s is a great song.

  • RayRay Says: “I guess you’ve just always been cool Kyle.”
    Now you’ve got it.
    Jon and I jammin “Buddah” in the 4th grade! Cool as hell.
    I just always thought Barker was a tool.
    “Crying sell out” that should be the next from the closet. That’s so 99.

  • Raygun I am very skeptical of you Erwin Center story… Who shells out the cash to see Blink-182 circa 1999 on their Enema of the State tour “hoping they play old stuff”? I think you’re hiding something… You went to see “What’s My Age Again” and now you’re tryin’ to act all cool. Admit it!

    Whatever man, I so liked Bink-182 way before you guys. I like knew Mark and Tom in highschool and we were in a band together circa 1990. We rocked hard.

  • For starters, a friend bought my ticket so she’d have someone to go with. I was highly skeptical going into it. And considering that the album before Enema came out just 2 years earlier, it wasn’t that much of a stretch to “hope they’d play old stuff”.

    I’m not trying to play the whole “I knew them way back when game”… I’ve never been a huge fan of the band to begin with. I was just sharing a story of a miserable experience with Blink 182 & that garbage album. The only “new levels” it took the band to was mediocrity.

    @jon – great story, btw.

  • I am going to have to go with the crowd of two here. Of the Blink 182 discography Enema of State is at the bottom of the list along with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. I personally recall fond memories of jamming Cheshire Cat with a bunch of friends in high school in my kick ass Honda! Carousel was a personal favorite.

  • @ Raygun – yes that garbage album obviously took them to mediocrity… I guess playing at the Erwin Center (which you went to see regardless of who bought the ticket) is total mediocrity. The comment about knowing them way back when game was directed more towards Kyle and Jon who claim to have been jamming this band when they were in elementary school.

    @ Kyle – have you liked any music post 1998? Oh and what is your boy Scott Raynor doing now? Pouring coffee at a Starbucks? Yeah he fucking rules!

  • Wait, so now playing at the Erwin Center adds instant credibility to a band?

    I guess you should line up show reviews for Fall Out Boy, The Jonas Brothers, NIckelback and f-ing Daughtry in that case.

  • I love that Blink-182 has started this “creditable not creditable” conversation. This is what’s all about gentlemen. Rage on.

    @ Ray x2 “Have you liked any music post 1998?”

    Does Oct. of ’08 count?

  • From here on out I am making all my from the closets from “sell-out” albums of used to be great bands. Is it to early to do a from the closet for sex on fire?

    I agree with Kyle… Blink-182 actually started a serious discussion… wow.

    Jonas Brothers!?!? Nicke;back!?!?! Man you pullin on the heart strings now.

  • Ramalamahamdam

    Oh no he DID NOT mention “The Shape of Punk to Come” in a blink-182 post!

  • Oh snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit just got real

  • Fuck all you guys!!!!

    I was hanging out with Mark and Tom back in 2nd grade San Diego!!!

    I’m the real blink fan.

  • what’s the point of bashing blink182 and calling them sell outs? if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. i personally think enema of the state is their second best album after take off your pants and jacket, and i’m stoked to see them this fall.
    also, whats this bullshit of making fun of 13 year olds going to a blink concert? oh, because 13 year olds can’t appreciate music? total bs. music is for all ages!

  • I prefered Blink pre-enema but you all can’t deny that TB is one of the most talented musicians ever.

    But I think even why Raynor they proberly would have gone that way going to a major label, new producer.

    It was inevertable.

    But My biggest favourite about pre-enema was all the funny songs and humour felt so raw and natural before but after enema it felt forced and like ‘they had to be funny because it’s what sold’

    but if you watch the old pre-enema concerts, they were always goofy, funny kids.

    But for there new reunion, im soo disappointed.

    Truth is, there too old to be the REAL blink 182 so there trying to change it and they jsut suck.

    they should have stayed with +44 and AVA. or become 20 years old again.

  • Been jammin’ to a mixtape I found with some Good Charlotte and Bowling For Soup recently. Nothing like throwing on a backwards Vans cap and rolling the windows down to forcibly share old pop/punk tunes with everybody within earshot. \m/

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