Sub Pop Sampler!

subpopIt’s no surprise that Sub Pop has been able to stay atop the game as one of the leading independent record labels since its inception.  To this day they continue to release albums that always matter; let’s just say that the label is known for its good taste.  They’re here to offer you a brand new sampler full of songs that you can get later this year, such as a track from Grand Archives, or songs you should already own this year.  Grab yourself  a copy of this fresh new sampler here.


  • Nice.

    I’ve… got… hurt. feelings. I’ve got…. hurt feeelings… i’ve got hurt feeellings….

    Good find.

  • Yeah great score. That website was straight out of the early 90’s. Pretty damn funny! I really enjoyed Obits “Pine On” which had a great rock out sensation and Iron and Wine’s “Belated Promise Ring” which was some beautiful feel good morning music. And of course, got to give it up for some “Hurt Feelings” from my favorite Kiwi’s. Rock on Sub Pop!

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