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SUN0124 Cave SingersLong ago there was this killer band called Murder City Devils. They had this one guy who ended up in Pretty Girls Make Graves, who then left to start The Cave Singers. Now that I’ve name dropped enough, let me tell you that Derek Fudesco’s new outfit resembles neither of his past efforts, not even close. Still, it just goes to show you that punks like to folk it up. So, the new tunes are slated to appear on the next Cave Singers album, Welcome Joy, which is slated for an August release. Here you go folks.


Download: The Cave Singers – Beach House [MP3]

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  • Yeah I was really surprised to hear the new songs after fallowing Murder City Devils for some time. It , to me, was a refreshing twist. I am a big fan of established bands or players crossing over to other genre’s to swim in different waters. Some work out amazingly like Justin Ringel’s “Horse Feathers” which stemmed from high energy indie rock bands to beautiful indie folk, and some don’t work out well at all, e.g. Chris Cornell’s new album. Big cheers though to each and all musicians and artist for stepping out of their norm to try new stuff. After all, isn’t that how many great breakthrough’s happen. Thumbs up for The Cave Singers.

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