Corto Maltese on Daytrotter

cortoWe love the project over at Daytrotter, especially when they do work with local Austin bands. Corto Maltese is one of the younger bands around town who are making a name for themselves. Their Daytrotter session is full of four unreleased songs recorded during SXSW. Unfortunately, the band have no current shows lined up, but at least we have these new songs.


Download: Corto Maltese – Providence (Daytrotter Session) [MP3]

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  • Is it Corto Maltese’s goal to build suspense by being mysterious? Is this some sort of strategy to keep fans always tuned in, wondering where and when the next show will be as to not miss out on it.. If so it seems to be working. I find myself revisiting their site each week wondering if they have posted new live events for us fans here in the Austin area. Even though they are playing close to no shows to support their music they still have quite the buzz around the interwebs and the streets. An interesting strategy indeed if it is one.

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